In Istanbul, a couple more in the Metro station entered the world house

In Istanbul, a couple more entered the world house at the Metro station: After the application of the wedding ceremony at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Metro Station, the first wedding ceremony was done by the Mayor of Kağıthane, Fazlı Kılıç at the Haliç Metro Station.

The second wedding was the wedding of Muharrem Beyaz and Sümeyye Saltık couple at the platform floor of the Olympic Metro Station. General Manager was made by Kasım Kutlu. After the wedding ceremony, the couple cut their wedding cake and took pictures with their family relatives and lovers.

Muharrem Beyaz and Sümeyye Saltık couple witnessed the wedding ceremony of Metro İstanbul A.Ş. General Manager Kasım Kutlu, young people for a lifetime of happiness, wishing for the first time we are doing a wedding on the subway. And from now on, we would like to welcome friends like you in our different stations. Our mayors have given us the authority to do our weddings here. This is true for all Istanbulites. We are also planning to offer our services at underground and subway in Istanbul, at our other stations, weddings, theaters and other activities, in our ropeways and in other places.

Groom Muharrem White, excitement, excitement, all the general managers and managers of this organization, God bless. I would like to thank all of them. Hep


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