This Decision Is Not Dark Hands

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This decision is not dark hands İZBAN staff received: Demiryol-Is Izmir Branch President Ervuz, Demir This decision is not dark hands, staff received İZBAN. We took the decision to strike as a railroad-business union. Aziz Bey's words upset us. We are not the material of politics. Biz

Railway Workers Union (Demiryol-İş) Izmir Branch President Hüseyin Ervüz said in his statement that the employer made the offer before the strike and that they asked the employees to do so. he said.

Ervüz, who criticized the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu's statements that the decision to strike was taken by the dark hands, said, karanlık This decision was not made by dark hands but the personnel of İZBAN took the decision. We got the decision to strike as a railroad-business union. Aziz Bey's words upset us. We are not the material of politics, we are not a toy of any political fraction. Biz

Ervüz noted that they had good intentions both as a union and as members since the beginning of the process, said:

Ded We agreed that 16,4 would be agreed on that day and not go on strike. But they put us on 12 plus percent 3 conditional premium. 75 did not increase the bonus from the day. 80 was 90 for the second year. That 16,4 percent came to 19,7 X. It's a coin after all. While we were not accepting this money and getting up from the table, I said, 'Look, if we go on strike, I can't tell these conditions to the employee.' That's why we got off the table. When we forced to strike, we started the 24, which is the point where we started. Mec
”Bülent Bey's attitude is constructive“

Chairman of the AK Party Izmir Provincial President Bulent Delican'ın met with them to end the strike, expressing the situation told them Ervüz, ican We told the situation. "He also does not have very large differences between us, I will talk to the management once I will talk to Aziz Bey then Aziz," he said. We have presented our offer in the single page summary fees. This is the summary of our meeting with Bülent Bey. He had a constructive approach in the form of solutions, let's find a way. Kend
Izmir people are waiting for strike to end

In the meantime, about 350 thousand passengers per day due to the strike in the citizens of İZBAN, because of the bus station or had to wait a long time in the traffic jammed.

Citizens created long queues to ride on buses.

Atakan Öztayfun, a high school student of 17 who told that he was late for a week because of the İZBAN strike, said, d Employees who went on strike have the right, but we have the right. We hope the strike will end as soon as possible. Um

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