New tender date is announced for 3 Decked Istanbul Grand Tunnel

The new tender date for the 3-Decked Grand Istanbul Tunnel was announced: 3 will be re-auctioned in November for the survey, project and engineering services at the 30-Decked Great Istanbul Tunnel Project

Survey, project and engineering services, 3 will be re-auctioned in November.

According to the information obtained from the AA correspondent, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments 3 Multi-Storeyed Istanbul Tunnel Project last year, but canceled the tender, project and engineering services tender, 30 will be held again in November.

The financial bids of the İdom, Tecnimont and Yüksel Project firms, which were technically sufficient, were canceled in 10 in August but due to the financial error in the offer of one of the companies, the tender was canceled.


The project cost is approximately 30 million pounds and 7 million 500 thousand pounds allocated for this year, studies, projects and engineering services, land and sea deep drilling work done, ground data will be determined. After the tender process, 1 is planned to complete engineering projects within the year.

The tunnel will pass under the Bosphorus and there will be both highway and railway in one tube. In the tunnel, there will be rail on the middle floor, and on the upper and lower floors there will be two lane roads suitable for the passage of the wheel.

The first leg of the project, which will be the first in the world with its size and scope, is from the high-capacity and high-speed subway system starting from Incirli on the E-5 axis on the E-2 axis and to the Söğütlüçeşme on the Asian side, and the second leg is at the Hasdal junction on the TEM motorway axis on the European side. It will consist of 2 × XNUMX lane highway system which starts and passes through the Bosphorus and connects to Çamlik crossroads on the Anatolian side.

The tunnel will be integrated with the TEM highway, the E-5 highway, the Northern Marmara motorway and the 9 metro line. After the construction of the building with the build-Operate-Transfer model, the 5 will be completed in 31 minutes with the fast metro which will consist of 14 station on the European side of İncirli, Anatolian side of Söğütlüçeşme and 40 km long.

On the European side of Hasdal junction, the Anatolian side of Çamlık junction will be passed by 14 minutes. 6,5 million passengers a day is expected to take advantage of.

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