The future of public transportation will be discussed in Istanbul

The future of public transport will be discussed in Istanbul: Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, 1 starts in December

Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair will take place at Istanbul Congress Center between 1-3 December, under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). The main theme of Transist this year will be 4T: Traffic (Traffic), Timing, Transform, Technology.

The Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, organized by IETT, under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will take place in 1-3 December, Istanbul Congress Center. The main theme of the Transist this year will be 4T. Within the framework of this main theme; Traffic (timing), timing (transform), technology (technology) issues will be discussed. In the congress where the future of the sector will be discussed with 4T theme, it will be interpreted by the experts in the field of innovative ideas and innovative solutions and shared with the visitors. Over the past few years, more exhibitors from 100 will be present at the fair, which is prominent with new product launches from the leading manufacturers of the sector. Companies will have the opportunity to present new products and technologies they have developed to the decision-making authorities in the industry.

In the Congress; 'Traffic Management and Efficiency in Urban Transportation', 'Time Management in Transport and Data-Oriented Innovation in Megakents', 'How Smart Technologies Will Change Transportation Preferences' and için Transformation in Transportation for Sustainable Cities Ulaşım will be held under the 4 panel. The congress, which aims to bring different perspectives to the problems of the public transportation sector, will take 2 days and 4 academic session, 8 workshop on 11T will be held this year. 11 thousand square meters of space more than 100 stand the company will establish a stand for three days. 23 5 from different countries last year, more than a thousand people participated in the Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair is expected to be higher this year.

In the congress, IETT, the organizer of three workshops, will introduce concept buses in the fair and explain its new services.

The theme of the competitions will be 4T

This year's theme 4T will be reflected in the short films and photography contests organized by Transist since 2008. Award ceremonies will be held on Friday, December at 2. It is expected to emphasize the place and importance of the efficient use of road, sea and rail system integration in all forms of urban transportation in the competitions. In both categories, the first will be awarded with a laptop, a second tablet pc and a third mobile phone.

Public, private sector, non-governmental organizations and universities can participate in the Transist Project competition; under the titles of accessibility, service quality, sustainability, efficiency, economy, secure service and technology application will be the 7 category. Projects that include innovation, reduce or completely eliminate technological dependence, will be evaluated by a jury composed of prominent names of the industry.

Detailed information about the competitions can be found at.

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