Siemens Turkey will be a carbon neutral company xnumxt

Siemens Turkey will be carbon neutral company xnumxt: This year 2023 in Turkey. year anniversary of Siemens, its support to Turkey's sustainable development, prepared by the 'Contribution to Society Report, was revealed.

'Siemens Turkey Contribution to Society Report' Siemens' "How do we create a benefit in society, which points to our activities in the community, how becomes a value?" The answer to the question of the nature of bears.

future goals and vision of Siemens Turkey is also included in the report. Siemens scope of these targets Turkey, the Republic aims to be carbon-neutral company in the xnumx'ünc.

Economic activity, as well as health, transport, employment, the environment in many areas of the signatories to the work that contributes to society by Siemens, Turkey's growth and how people contribute to the development reveal in detail 'has published the Social Contribution Report. carrying a first in the Turkey report, "How do we create a benefit in society, which points to our activities in the community, how becomes a value?" contains detailed information for questions.

Society gives information about the Contribution Report of the President of Siemens Turkey Board and CEO Hüseyin Gelis, to increase production of the company and short-term financial income to obtain, such as specifying that they must have a vision of growing beyond traditional methods; Uz We want to see and be proud of the fact that the institutions we work for are measurable and real social contribution for our world, for our future, for our children. For this reason, Siemens Turkey as Siemens has xnumx'ınc the year in Turkey, to measure the contribution to the country's sustainable development in quantity and quality and sustainable development objectives and the contribution to the social life of our country we work in Turkey, we want to demonstrate in a concrete way. And we saw that Siemens is taking place in Turkey's development in an important business partner, "he said.

Towards a şirket carbon neutral 'company at 2023

The whole world to act together in the fight against global climate change in order to deal with Turkey was signed in Paris 2015, the greenhouse gas emissions up to the year 2030 21 percent said it would reduce the rate.

In this context, concepts such as the environment and carbon footprint become more important by taking planning, implementation, monitoring and auditing issues in environmental and natural resource management. kazanyeast started.

That perform important activities and projects are also related to sustainability within the scope of environmental Siemens, both with his arrangements on-site with its environmentally friendly product portfolio increases the energy efficiency is the most important cause of global climate change contribute to Turkey's economy to reduce the CO2 emissions. Siemens aims to reduce its carbon footprint by a percentage of 2020 up to 50 and to reach a carbon-neutral level in 2023.

* Siemens, Turkey's renewable energy capacity with new turbine system developed to target the extraction also contribute to the 30 percent.
* Turkey's Siemens turbines producing renewable energy already 10 percent.
* Turkey's first LEED Gold certified facility with Siemens Turkey, CO2 own emissions and reduces the impact on the environment by working to reduce water consumption to a minimum.
* Environmentally friendly products thanks to support Turkey's CO2 going to reduce the rate of emissions per year 1,7 percent.
* 100 near the energy efficiency project to the environment more than 125.600 contributes to the equivalent of planting trees.

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