Metbrush wants an umbrella to hit his driver

He asked for an umbrella to hit the Metrobus driver: A new one was added to the driver-passenger fights on the metrobus in Istanbul. It was noteworthy that other passengers asked for umbrellas to beat the driver he was discussing.

The fight against metrobus in the direction of İstanbul Zincirlikuyu began, according to allegations that the driver did not stop at the station. A passenger who was angry at first started to argue with the driver.


To beat the passenger's driver, he said to the other passengers, 'No umbrellas?' he called attention, while the metrobus stopped at the Martyrs' Bridge on July 15 after experiencing a scuffle.

However, the verbal confrontation between the driver and the passenger continued. Meanwhile, the passenger shouted at the driver, 'I was going to beat you, but I went down.'

The fight ended when the police and other passengers intervened in the bridge.

While the passengers were transferred to another metrobus, a record was prepared about the people involved in the fight.

23 metrobus in September while driving a driver struck an umbrella to the driver who hit the road with the BRT, the incident was injured in the 11 person.



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