Prime Minister Yıldırım, Haydarpasa Station Day Out of the Day

Prime Minister Yıldırım, One Day Will Be Sacked at Haydarpaşa Station: Prime Minister Yıldırım, who criticized the calls for Haydarpaşa Station not to be used for different works, said, "Let me tell you that it will be out of hand one day." Regarding the AKM, Yıldırım said, “Here is Taksim Atatürk Cultural Center… What is the feature of that building?” asked.

Speaking out of the statements of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who spoke to the Meeting of Architects of the City in the Basketmakers' Pavilion, the highlights are as follows:

We, as the government, have been working very meticulously in the last 14 years, especially with our President, in reviving our heirloom works. We made a special arrangement for him. In other words, we imposed an obligation to use some of the taxes for that purpose. In this way, we have revived, renewed and sparkled our 5 thousand historical works.

'I'll give HAYDARPAS NEWS that we will get out one day'

"Sir, they will use Haydarpaşa Station and so on." Haydarpaşa Station is used for every job. What's wrong with that? It stands outside like a beautiful trinket, make a library inside, make a cultural center, make a gallery. Let it be a place where people can come and go, day and night, making all kinds of cultural and social activities possible, making it a 24-hour living space. Now he's playing ball. Whoever speaks, we will not immediately say 'We will not talk about the historical Haydarpaşa Station, we will not keep it.' Let me tell you how to keep it on hand, and that one day it will be out of hand. Here is Taksim Atatürk Cultural Center… What is the feature of that building? Ok, it bears the name of Atatürk, thank you but it could be a much more beautiful architectural structure. We say, 'Let's raise it, expand that area, let's build a beautiful building that carries our culture, history and past to the future, instead of a four-sided glass-clad building.' What is this

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