Golden Valve award to Can Comrade project

Can Comrade project to the Golden Valve Award: Assembly hearing difficulty explaining the demand for natural gas, speech, vision and launched for disabled subscribers "Can Comrade" project was awarded the Golden Valve award in Turkey Energy Summit. With its project launched in 2015, Aksa Natural Gas provides direct services to disabled subscribers who cannot express their demand on the phone.

Turkey In the 19 region and 24 connected by a total of 106 district and the Aqsa offering subscribers uninterrupted and safe natural gas distribution service in the borough Natural Gas, short name with disabilities subscribe "Can Comrade" with social responsibility projects in the Golden Valve was awarded the prize. 23-25 held in Adana, Turkey Energy Summit in November Aksa Natural Gas CEO Yasar Arslan, awards of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry Undersecretary Fatih DÖNMEZ 's took his hand.

Aksa Natural Gas CEO Mr. Yaşar Arslan expressed his satisfaction with the issue. I The Can Comrade Project, which we started last year, was a source of pride for us. We have over one million disabled citizens in Turkey. People with disabilities face many challenges in every aspect of life. We also Turkey's related to our own people with disabilities as a group in a large area serving as a third "Can Comrade" We are happy to be here. This award was a separate motivation for us. I would like to express my gratitude to the Energy Summit Executive and Evaluation Committee and to all the team dedicated to this project. Bu

Call center with barriers exceeds

Aksa Natural Gas aims to produce solutions by reaching the relevant address quickly at the slightest signal coming from the disabled subscribers who cannot deliver demand or emergency notifications to the distribution companies by using communication tools with the eyi Can Comrade ese project.

Arslan gave information about the content of the Can Comrade Project. Uz Within the scope of the Can Comrade Project, we are helping our subscribers with hearing, speech, vision and physical disabilities who have difficulty in implementing the instructions that will be explained or transferred. Those who register that Aksa Doğal Gaz's subscriber system has a disability system will automatically show that the call comes from a disabled subscriber when he calls the Natural Gas Emergency 187 Line. Call center staff can not communicate with the disabled subscriber in case of waiting, by instantly sending natural gas emergency teams to the region exceeds the obstacles, '' he said.

Arslan, Turkey said that the Energy Summit, social responsibility projects and natural gas consumers, giving a great importance to the improvement of the services they received quality of the Energy Market Regulatory and Supervisory Authority (EMRA) President Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz, the EMRA board members, Natural Gas Department Head also thanked for.

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