The new bus 50 was put into service in İZULAŞ

The new bus 50 was put into service in İZULAŞ: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality launched its first 40.7 from the new bus 110 purchased for 50 million pounds. Mayor Kocaoglu, otobüs 13 750 million pounds a year, we bought a bus. We will enter the 2019 March elections with honor and pride with a total of 60 kilometers of rail system in the construction of approximately 250 kilometers. X

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to strengthen the public transportation network with environmentally friendly and comfortable buses, commenced its first 110 from the 50 solo bus that will serve under the body of İZULAŞ. The remaining 110 of the 25 bus produced by TEMSA has been announced next week and the 35 will be in 15 by December.

Due to the commissioning of new buses in the Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu started his speech by thanking ESHOT and İZULAŞ employees who worked devotedly during the İZBAN strike between 8-15 November.

Emphasizing the necessity of the rail system in urban transportation, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they have taken the rail system line that they took over as 11 kilometers to 130 kilometers today and said, “We will run the 26 kilometer on the Selçuk line in September. Karşıyaka We will make trial runs of the tram at the end of the year, and we will launch it in February-March. We will commission the Konak Tramway in October-November next year. With 24 kilometers of tramway and 26 kilometers of Selçuk line, we will reach a total of 2017 kilometers with an additional 50 kilometers in autumn 180. We are waiting for the approval of our Narlıdere metro from the Ministry of Development. Our loan and project is ready. We are getting ready to go to the construction tender for a moment. In addition, we will lay the foundations of the 13-kilometer deep tunnel meter line that will reach Buca Tınaztepe and Çamlıkule from Üçyol, which will be a radical solution for our townspeople in Bucalı, who suffer the most in the city. "If we can start the tender for the construction of the 2017-kilometer Aliağa-Bergama line next year, we will enter the March 53 elections with honor and pride, with a total of 2019 kilometers of rail system, about 60 kilometers under construction."

Very pleasing
Expressing that they are trying to provide comfortable transportation as well as reducing carbon emission, Mayor Kocaoğlu emphasized that they will try 20 electric bus they received and said çalış We have to eat yogurt in this regard. Bus fleets are aiming to realize the return to electric buses said.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor continued his words as follows:
“We will open the whole of Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street into service after 3-4 more buildings in Tarlabaşı are demolished. In the south, we will complete our 35-meter-wide, 8-kilometer road, which will reach Homeros Boulevard from Konak tunnels, from there to the bus station and then to the ring road, until 2019, if there is no setback. Our environmentally friendly, catamaran type ferries, 12 of which arrive, swim in the bay. All will be completed by May 2017. We will strengthen sea transportation with a program extending to the Middle Gulf and even Lesbos. We also renewed the ferryboats. If necessary, we will continue to renew them. The bicycle path from İnciraltı to Sasalı Bird Paradise is actively used. After building bicycle paths and putting BİSİM into service, the use of bicycles in the city started to increase exponentially. Our cycling friends undertook a great mission in terms of both sports and environmentally friendly transportation. This is also very pleasing. "

13 751 million pounds investment per year
Reminding that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has purchased buses worth 13 million lira in 750 years, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We are currently serving with a total of 364 buses, 1505 in İZULAŞ and 1869 in ESHOT. In the period of 2004-2016, IZULAŞ company purchased 320 buses and paid about 113 million Turkish lira. ESHOT General Directorate spent a total of 13 million lira for 1305 new vehicles in 711 years. The total number of vehicles we bought with the latest arrivals increased to 1625. "We paid 751.7 million lira for these buses."

We have to say wrong.
In his speech, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor also condemned the bomb attack in front of the Government Office in Adana today and said:
“I wish God's mercy on our martyrs. We have to get rid of this terror scourge, this Middle East swamp, we have to get rid of it. We are giving martyrs in Syria, domestically, every day; We do not know the fate of hundreds of thousands of injuries. Maybe the vast majority are citizens with disabilities. So what should we do, what can we do? How can we get rid of this trouble, trouble? We all need to ponder this. We are all afraid, we are all human. Fear is a natural emotion, but how far and for what? It is necessary not to be afraid and to struggle to live like a human. To live as an honorable, virtuous person, one must resist and be able to tell the wrong to find the right. We have to say stop to the wrong. We have to ensure the unity and integrity of the country. We have to heal both the wounds in the terrorism and the wounds of the coup attempt together with all citizens and politicians. We are going through a very abnormal, scary and scary process. We have to claim and be united. We will meet tomorrow at 11.00:XNUMX in Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard against violence against women. I invite all our fellow countrymen. The more powerful and crowded we are, the more we use our democratic right within the framework of the laws, we will have fought for the order of our country. Do not think about the interest of our country; We have no relations with people who are not in favor of Atatürk, the Republic, peace, human rights and the rule of law. We love our country; We believe in the rule of law and human rights, and we want peace to come to our country and region. "

We have to take care of our teachers.
Expressing his feelings with the Teachers' Day on November 24, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “When I was a child, we had teacher-child friends. They used to go to Ankara to visit Istanbul; we couldn't go, we listened from them. The situation of our family was not bad either. There was land and property, but no money. The teacher had money. She could go on a tour in February and summer holidays. Now you all know the situation of the teachers. We all know that corruption and decay in education has penetrated into the capillaries of all segments of society. We must take care of our teachers. "The development of the country and the new generations looking forward to reason, science, enlightenment and the future will be the work of our teachers."

Izmir in Turkey before
Mature Bornova Mayor Atilla, recalling that Turkey's cheapest transportation of Izmir, "The average age of public transport in Europe 6 and 5 in Izmir, 3.2 in the ticketing system. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey, not in front of Europe. I thank them for giving us this honor and pride ”.
General Manager of Temsa Dinçer Çelik said, sun The Metropolitan Municipality has made significant investments so far in order to bring the security to the upper level and offer the vehicles that will respond to the transportation demand of the disabled citizens. In urban transportation, transportation comfort will continue to increase with intelligent systems. Seeing the services of the Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu to Izmir and the point where İzmir is coming is not only a general manager of a company that provides transportation in the city, but also makes us very happy as a citizen who loves İzmir. I would like to thank Mr. President and his team for their support. Good luck to Izmir. İzmir

New vehicles are very modern
There are also all air-conditioned, driver-protected, low-floor, eco-friendly solo buses with tilting and handicapped ramps, as well as a system that prevents the bus from moving when the door is open. External length of vehicles taken 12 meter. The engines are manufactured in accordance with the diesel and Euro 6 standards. There is an 6 forward 1 automatic transmission with 2 for vehicles within the city. Automatic transmissions also have electronic control and diagnostics. The engine fire warning and extinguishing system on buses is intervening automatically in possible engine fires. Izmir's new buses, which include all the elements required for a comfortable journey, offer advanced facilities in terms of driving safety with its reverse camera, while XNUMX LCD monitors and passenger counting system can be used for passenger information.

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