3 will be the smartest in the world

The 3rd Airport will be the smartest in the world: At the third airport, which will serve approximately 200 million passengers, everything from check-in to menu selection will be carried out via mobile phones.

The third airport, which is the largest investment made from scratch in the world, will be one of the smartest airports. At the airport, which will be equipped with 300 thousand sensors, everything from check-in to menu selection will be done via mobile phones.

Approximately 24 percent of the third airport, whose construction works continue 40 hours a day, is completed. The airport, whose first phase is expected to be put into service on February 26, 2018, will serve approximately 200 million passengers annually when all phases are completed. At the same time, the airport, which will host the world's largest terminal building, will be equipped with sensors.

With the help of beacon technology that enables interaction in closed areas, the airport will know who the passenger is at the entrance. If the passenger has not checked in, the notification will come to the smartphone. Kiosks will be lifted, passengers can go to the door with the shortest way by cell phones. Behind all these technologies, Apple and Google have a Turkish business partner.

Blesh CEO Devrim Sönmez stated that they made a proposal for the implementation of these technologies and said, “We have been in talks for a year. The state welcomes this job. I can say that the negotiations are going well. Results by mid-2017. We definitely want to be in this project, 'he said.


Stating that they currently provide similar services to airline companies at Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk Airport, Devrim Sönmez said, 'However, the third airport will be completely different from these. Because technology will touch the consumer here. 200-300 thousand sensors are needed for this. For this business, we plan to produce 300 thousand sensors next year. For example, what will we do? After you arrive at the airport, you will not have to think about where you parked the car. You will find it easily by phone. You have a ticket, you will know which gate to go through. It will show you how, which way you go fast inside. Companies that sell on the plane will be able to make offers while you are in the waiting room. Likewise, THY will be able to ask passengers in the waiting room to ask 'do you prefer chicken or meatballs' before they get on the plane. When you get on the plane, the cabin attendant will not need to ask you. '

Stating that they virtualized physical spaces with Beacon technology, Devrim Sönmez gave the following information: “We find solutions to the needs of users after entering the branch or store, not their habits in the virtual world. For example, thanks to this technology, Denizbank recognizes its customers as soon as they enter the door and gives them a sequence number via the Fastpay application. Or let's say there is an IPO that week. He understands whether the customer is interested in the stock market and offers him an offer. '


Beacon is a location-based interaction technology that uses low-energy Bluetooth technology. Beacon devices, a kind of sensor, enable interaction with mobile devices in confined spaces. For example, a product at a store or store near you may spread Beacon signals during shopping. In this case, the users who receive the signals can be contacted to provide special offers and information about the product. According to estimates, at the end of the year 2018 will be the only 4,5 million active beacon transmitter in the US, of which 3,5 million will be used in retail chains.

Source : www.denizhaber.com.t is

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