From the TEMA to the fleet of İZULAŞ 110 Avenue

From TEMSA to IZULAS fleet 110 Avenue: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality companies, IZUSAS, TEMSA, 110 Avenue bus delivery. The number of the Avenue, which serves in Izmir city transportation, reached 410 with the last delivery.

The leader of Turkey Temsa bus market, continue to undertake urban delivery for transportation giant said after the long distance. 110 units of TEMSA Avenue were also added to Izmir transportation. 50 units of vehicles will be delivered at the ceremony and other 60 units will be delivered until December 15. 24 November Thursday, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, TEMSA General Manager Dinçer Çelik, İzulaş General Manager Arda Şekercioğlu, İzulaş Chairman Z. Gül Şener, Public Sales Manager Ayşegül Gökçe, Public Sales Manager Mahir Akkuş, After Sales Services Manager Süleyman Yurt, İzmir Regional Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim, Corporate Communications Manager Ebru Ersan and After-Sales Services Manager Melik Üçgül attended the event.

410 Avenue takes its place in Izmir transportation

In his speech at the ceremony, TEMSA General Manager Dincer Celik, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company ESHOT'a carried out after the delivery of the 300 Avenue again the transportation company of the municipality of the transportation company's fleet of 110 Avenue vehicles, said they live a great happiness, ör First I would like to express my happiness to be a part of a service offered to Izmir from our beautiful city Izmir. We pride ourselves on the comfort and privilege of Avenue in Izmir. Now, in urban transportation, comfort and comfort are very important. It is imperative that vehicles with disabled equipment are now in transportation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also carried out very important investments in order to provide security services to the disabled citizens, which contributed to the transportation demand. In this investment process, our Avenue vehicles, which have high level of security and technology with disability equipment, took their place in Izmir transportation for the first time in 2013. Currently, our 300 Avenue vehicle is in service within ESHOT. Today, the number of the 110 Avenue, which has been transported to Izmir with 410 units, is now reaching 1500. Today, our tool because of the Avenue 7 serving the field of transportation in many cities of Turkey. In urban transportation, transportation comfort will continue to increase with smart systems. TEMSA will continue to improve its service quality with the smart systems it will implement in all of the buses it manufactures. TEMSA 18 is the leading brand in the world markets, not only in our country, but also with its product range that reaches to 66 meters. Today 7 is traveling around TEMSA tools on the country's roads. These countries include the USA, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. XNUMX We will introduce a hundred percent domestic electric bus in December. Many municipalities are working on the purchase of electric buses. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality takes its place among these municipalities. In the coming period, we aim to serve our electric buses in Izmir roads. Ön

Dincer Steel stating that the new Avenue vehicles Izmir Metropolitan Municipality wished to be beneficial to İZULAŞ, e Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu's services to İzmir and seeing the point where İzmir came from, not only as the general manager of a company that provides vehicle for urban transportation, Izmir very happy as a citizen who loves. Our cooperation started with the participation of our 300 avenue Avenue vehicle to the ESHOT fleet and is now being crowned to IZULAS with 110 pieces Avenue. I thank Mr. President Aziz Kocaoğlu and his team for their support. I wish that our new vehicles will be auspicious and beneficial to both the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the people of Izmir İzmir.

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