10 312 million euro funding for the new YHT set

10 million-euro financing for 312 new YHT set: The Islamic Development Bank approved 10 million-euro financing for the new 312 new YHT set, which will serve on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line.

In a statement yapıtıg of the Islamic Development Bank, said the bank's funding demonstrates the commitment to the development of the transport sector in Turkey it said.

Financial support is in line with the government's goal of developing a high-speed train network for major cities, increasing the share of railways in passenger transport, and achieving a balanced, efficient and safe multimodal transport system.

Under the bank's vision, 2023 is the government's 10. Development Plan in the highlighted statement will also continue to support Located development and growth objectives, as IDB Group, alongside the transport sector, public private partnership, renewable energy and energy efficiency, human development, trade financing, and will continue to support Turkey in Islamic Finance . ”.

In a statement, the high speed train line between Ankara and Istanbul will reduce the travel time between two major cities from 7 hours to 3,5 hours, the project aims to shift a significant portion of the passenger traffic between Ankara and Istanbul from road transport to more efficient rail transport. Therefore, as of the year 2025, it has been evaluated to meet the transportation demand of 13,9 million passengers per year.

It was emphasized that the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project will provide economic benefits, including income and employment opportunities, in the medium and long term, in addition to saving time and cost for passengers.

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