TCDD General Manager We will reduce the national high speed train to the tracks

We will download TCDD General Director of the National high-speed train on rails: Turkey's first Rail Systems Engineering Karabük University is located (KBI), which will last three days at home 'xnumx.uluslarara Rail Systems Engineering Symposium "began.
Karabük Governor Mehmet Aktaş, General Director of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) İsa Apaydın, OSTIM Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) President Orhan Aydin, Karabuk Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMIR) Inc. General Manager Ugur Yilmaz, KBU Rector. Dr. Refik Polat, Karabük Police Chief Serhat Tezsever, businessmen, academics and students attended.
Speaking at the opening of the program KBU Rector. Dr. Refik Polat said that Karabük is the only rail producer and the first and only railway systems engineering of the country is in Karabük. Etic This gives us great guru and honor. We want that Turkey's rail systems are at the heart in here, "he said.
Sonra After the defense industry, there are serious developments in the area of ​​transportation “
OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) President Orhan Aydın referring to the investments made in recent years on the railways, in Turkey's industrial area in recent years has underlined that the defense industry of the area where the fastest distance record. Aydın said, "Currently Turkey's defense industry has come a quick walk. The sector has an owner and a strategy. He has a descriptive and defined work plan on how to do what and how to cooperate with the university. In the field of defense, its own tank, cannon, unmanned aerial vehicle, many things about the defense we need are made nationally. In the field of transport, we must meet the needs of our country by making cooperation and cooperation. We cannot establish a system of work in the country. Public, university and private sector are working and making efforts, but the system we are building does not produce business, on the contrary, it breaks and breaks the work we do. We need to come together in universities, industry and public to do this without breaking. There is a serious dynamism of the private sector in Turkey. Our universities can not go according to the head, the country and we need to feel our needs. The public sector should see the private sector. We need to draw a road map from beginning to end by cooperating with them. We've been seeing signs of it lately. Hopefully there are serious developments in our country about rail systems There have been serious developments in the area of ​​rail systems that our local companies need especially in municipalities. We need a layout that will work in harmony to complement each other. Bir
Politik After 2003, railways became a state policy “
TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın If, due primarily dependent on road transport in Turkey, he said that the railways suffered a period of nearly half a century of neglect. In a time of hope, the 2003 was a milestone, and after that year, railways became a state policy. We have renewed nearly all of the railway lines of 50 years, where the trains passing over can no longer be difficult. We make the renewed lines electrified and signaled. The length of the High Speed ​​Train lines reached a thousand 150 kilometers. 213 thousand 3 mileage for High Speed ​​Train continues in the construction of new railway. 229 point we plan to open at the logistics centers, we have put 20 into service. Our modern public transportation vehicles such as Istanbul Marmaray and İzmir Egeray were commissioned. Ankara Başkentray will be in service as soon as possible Ankara.
In We started national projects to produce new generation railway vehicles “
Because of the important steps taken towards rail vehicles that require advanced technology and equipment being manufactured in Turkey also talked about Apaydin, he said:
Lar We produce new generation diesel and electric trains with our affiliated partners. Works for the production of spindles are in progress. The first national electric locomotive was commissioned last year. We launched national projects for the production of new generation railway vehicles. We are working to produce national high speed train, spindle diesel and electric train set and new generation freight wagon. In addition to our subsidiaries, we work with all our stakeholders working in this sector such as Istanbul Technical University, Karabuk University, TÜBİTAK, Aselsan and Havalsan. National high-speed train on the track by downloading the nation want to achieve a great success. We are investing in human resources as well as the renewal of existing lines, opening new lines. Lar
KARDEMİR Inc. General Manager Ugur Yilmaz of Turkey stating that they are the only rail manufacturer of both regions, "improving the quality of international rail ourselves as KARDEMİR 72 meters in length are producing. Our production, which we started with a thousand tons of 150 as an integrated facility, has surpassed the 2 million tons and we are going step by step towards the million tons of 3 Entegre.
The first day of the symposium will be completed with the inde Local and National Test Centers ü, Test Domestic and National Production in Rail Transportation Systems Sem panels.

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