Turkey has accelerated work on the new ski center

Turkey has accelerated work on the new ski resort: Karabük 2 50 thousand Keltepe of altitude in the ski resort of Turkey's new work was done before the winter accelerated.

Karabük Provincial Assembly members HASAN Yildirim, Seyfettin Dikmen, Hasan Adakan, Ramazan Kahriman, Kamil Unal, Mehmet Oren and Ergun Özgün have made observations in the ongoing Keltepe Ski Resort.

Providing information about the works of the contractor company Provincial Council member Seyfettin Dikmen, Meclis Keltepe ski resort Karabük very serious investment. There was a process related to this investment. Nowadays, we have reached a serious stage thanks to intensive efforts. Approximately one percent of the construction is completed. The construction will be completed and delivered in August next year. We hope that the ski resort will be fully operational in the last winter of 60 '.

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