Minibus Tradesmen Evaluated the Tram in Trabzon


Trabzon dolmuş tradesman evaluated the tram: According to the decision taken by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, the 2019 Light Rail System will be built in order to ease the transportation to Trabzon.


The first stage of the Light Rail System was divided into 2 sections. On the back of the highways, the warehouse area at the embankment area will start from the E-70 highway and the new stat (Akyazi), Bashirli, and the 8 bin 136 meter double track which ends at the Atapark four road junction along the Yavuz Selim Boulevard in Tanjant.


Thousands of dolmuşs were found to be quite uneasy in Trabzon where the dolmuşcular "Light rail system to be made and not to be made in Trabzon" was almost split into two views.

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