The latest situation in Trabzon Light Rail System Project, here is the detailed route

The latest situation in the Trabzon Light Rail System Project, Here is the detailed route: In the light of the Light Rail System project planned in Trabzon, President Gumrukcuoglu made statements.
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu made important statements regarding the Light Rail System, which has been the subject of long debate and has recently been given the news that the project has been started.
The Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality gave detailed information about the project in the city council.
Gümrükçüoğlu said, nihai As of this week, final decisions will be made and the project will be awarded. It will start from the station area in Akyazi. From the coast to the fire brigade will come to Atapark. Atapark will come from Akyazi direction and enter Yavuz Selim Boulevard, continue along Yavuz Selim Boulevard, Atapark junction will continue on the way to meet the other line. Next to Trabzon House Arafilboyu - Esentepe direction, going through Değirmendere and the airport will meet the lower exit door of the University. This is the part where we plan our implementation. However, the project will be prepared from Akçaabat to Yomra. This even has an extra. There is no arrival line as the line going from Ataturk area to only one westward. Light rail project will be realized along Kahramanmaras Avenue. After the preparation process of the project, we plan to take the first step with Akyazı up to the gate of the university in the airport area. Proj

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