Tobacco in the tram

Tütüncü tram: Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, traveling by tram, listened to the demands of the citizens.
Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, one day a week on the different lines of buses, minibuses or tram travels, continues to meet with citizens.
President Tütüncü traveled on the tram running between Fatih-Meydan line at the end of the working hour. Tütüncü, who got on the tram from Fatih stop, met with citizens throughout the journey. sohbet and listened to their requests for transportation. Tütüncü also spoke with the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and conveyed the response to the requests regarding transportation to his addressees.
Citizens who are happy that the mayor travels on the tram expressed their satisfaction with Tütüncü's involvement with the citizen. Some of the citizens made a trip to the tram by President Tütüncü photo frames.
President Hakan Tütüncü stated that he travels with an urban transportation vehicle every week and he said: ız We share a good time with our citizens and we listen to their requests and produce solutions. We are competing over time to share every moment of life with our people. Hayat
Tütüncü was accompanied by the Members of the Assembly İsa Sarpdağ and Mehmet Yarbaş on the tram ride.

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