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Truckers pay the penalty and pass FSM instead of the 3rd bridge: Despite the ban, truck traffic was not stopped on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Because the highest passage from the 3rd bridge reaches 164 liras. Truckers, on the other hand, risk 92 liras.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which unites the two sides of Istanbul for the third time, was opened on August 26, and heavy tonnage trucks, buses and trucks were banned from passing through the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. However, despite the ban, truck traffic was not stopped on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. The 3-4-5-6 axle vehicles reach 164 lira from the highway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and the longest passengers pass through the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, taking the traffic ticket for 92 lira. . Those who are not caught by the police also get 92 lira.
Despite the ban from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, heavy tonnage vehicles are not penalized during the HGS-OGS transition. Trucks, trucks and buses pay between 15 and 40 lira for the transition to the Asian side, depending on the size of the vehicle. While passing through Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, they pay between 21 lira and 49.3 lira depending on the size of the vehicle. They also have to pay 24 cents per kilometer on the toll road. It enters the toll road in the European law through the İSTOÇ TEM Junction and exits the longest distance from Çamlık on the Asian side, a 6-axle truck pays 164 lira 40 cents including the highway and bridge crossing. The toll of a three-axle truck going from the same line is 76 lira 55 kurus. Drivers prefer to use the left lane to avoid getting caught by the police.
Many vehicles can run illegally, as the police wait on the safety lane or on the connecting roads. Some drivers prefer to cross the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge at night, when traffic police use less control. When the drivers are caught by the traffic police, they only pay 92 TL fines and 20 penalty points are deducted.
Bilal Yılmaz, who was caught by traffic police while illegally crossing the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, said, “The cost is very low when you cross this bridge. The third bridge is 3 lira. Besides, money is cut per kilometer. So my toll is between 50-100 lira with the toll. Also, since the road is long, when I add the diesel money, I lose 150 liras. ” Özkan Öztekin, who was caught by traffic police, said, “Signs are not placed well on the TEM road. There is a third bridge sign on TEM, but it is not written on Edirne. Now I missed the transition. For this reason, I am necessarily passing here. However, I know that many of my friends are crossing this bridge because it is cheaper. Here there is only 200 lira fines and points. The cost is very high on the 3rd bridge road. Since there are no police at night, the drivers use this road more late. A person passing from the Asian side to the European side passes for free. In return, he only gives HGS money. There is no penalty for getting caught. ”
Istanbul Traffic Supervision Branch Teams reported that trucks and trucks that prefer Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge due to high cost made fewer passes than the first days due to 20 penalty points. For this reason, the police officials, who stated that an average of 100 vehicles were fined, gave the following information: “The trucks are directed to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge from the control point created by Hasdal for the trucks that will enter the bridge from the European side by the Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate. Despite this, vehicles entering the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge route are stopped at the entrance of the bridge and are fining 92 liras for their drivers. In addition, 20 penalty points are applied to their driver's license as a penalty point. The driver's license is confiscated when he reaches 5 points if he passes 100 times. On the Anatolian side, there is a checkpoint in Ümraniye Çamlık. For drivers that cannot be stopped, the camera system is activated and the plate is fined. As some drivers said that they had entered the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge unintentionally due to the insufficient traffic signage, a study was initiated on this issue. Discussions were made with the Directorate of Highways for the addition of larger, legible signs. ”

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