Anadolu University's Nostalgic Train Will Serve as Train Cafe

Anadolu university train cafe
Anadolu university train cafe

The Nostalgic Train of Anadolu University will serve as a Train Cafe: Anadolu University students get the “train cafe” that they can use 7/24 in the new school year.

The bin nostalgic train l, which became the symbol of the university with its 30 years of history in front of the Faculty of Open Education, will now serve as a X train café gelen behind the library building, where it is restored in accordance with its original design. In this way, the library's 7 / 24 service will be made to meet the needs of the canteen students. Within the scope of the project, first of all, the necessary maintenance and repair works will be carried out in the locomotive and wagon parts of the train consisting of three sections. After this process, the freight car will be arranged to be used as the service station of the cafe. The project, which is a new school year for the students, is planned to be grown in the spring months.

The landscaping of the Faculty of Open Education is almost over.

After the train is moved in front of the Faculty of Open Education, the area that includes the previous location is flowered and rearranged within the scope of the landscape studies of the campus. In this context, the Faculty of Open Education is the crossroads of the point where the faculty entrance poses a risk for pedestrians. The removal of pools and stairways on the entrance road, which cause problems for people with disabilities, is one of the important activities carried out on campus. The pools will then be located at different points in the garden of the Open Education Faculty and will be open to use by everyone thanks to the seating areas around it.

With the landscaping works planned to be completed in a short time, 50 trees and 92 trees and 10 trees and XNUMX thousand flowers were planted.

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