First Runway Appeared at Third Airport

about istanbul new airport
about istanbul new airport

The works carried out on the number one runway of Istanbul New Airport (IYH), the construction of which continues at full speed and 30 percent of which has been completed, was viewed from the air. The rough construction of the main terminal building of the airport, which will make Turkey one of the world's most important aviation centers when completed, is planned to be completed by the end of the year. IGA, which was established to realize the construction of the airport and to operate it for 25 years, shared the latest aerial images of the runway number 26 under construction at the airport, the first phase of which will be put into service on February 2018, 1, on its social media accounts.


It is seen that the final stage is reached on the 380 meter long 747 meter wide runway, where large-bodied aircraft such as Airbus A3 and Boeing 750 can easily land and take off. The airport, which is built on an area of ​​60 million square meters in the north of Istanbul, 35 kilometers from the city center, consists of 76.5 stages, each planned separately. In the first phase of the first phase of the project, there will be 4 independent parallel runways, 700 dependent runways and a main terminal building with a capacity of 2 million passengers, whose distance to each other will be 2 meters.


With the completion of the 2nd stage of the first stage, the third independent parallel runway will be activated. The new airport will host flights to more than 3 destinations and more than 200 airlines with an annual capacity of 350 million passengers when all phases are completed. The airport will provide new employment for 150 million people directly with 100 thousand subsidiary sectors. Preliminary requests have started to be collected for 1,5 cargo agency offices located in the customs area within the 'Cargo City', which is 1.4 million square meters in size at the airport. In the three-storey office block, there are 300 different price categories for 13 offices ranging from 19 to 300 square meters.

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