General Manager of TCDD Apaydın 3. Investigated Region Investments on Site

General Manager of TCDD Apaydın 3. Investments on Regional Investments: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, Deputy General Manager İsmail Hakkı Murtazaoğlu, Railway Maintenance Department Head Fahrettin Yıldırım, Head of Modernization Department Hasan Hüseyin Güney, TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay and the delegation accompanying him made a tour of the Alsancak-Biçerova-Balıkesir tour and inspected the investments in this region.
Within the scope of the investigations, Apaydin and his accompanying delegation, who had previously undergone the construction of the infrastructure of the Nemrut Port line, which was previously constructed by AYGM, were examined by the General Directorate on site and made a presentation on the construction works at the construction site at Nemrut Port. Afterwards, he visited the container site in Biçerova and made observations on the contour line which will be made to the port of Nemport.
Manisa-Menemen line of the 3 line to make the project on the tour with a touring tour and Muradiye, Manisa and Saruhanlı stations were inspected.
Due to the collapse of the Balıkesir Savaştepe 'in the tunnel no 1 found. Apaydın and his accompanying delegation, who were studying the rehabilitation works in the collapsed tunnel, then received information about the works of Electrification, Signalization and Telecommunication project between Manisa and Bandırma. General Manager of TCDD Apaydın gave instructions to the producer companies regarding the expedition of both projects.
Then he visited Gökköy Logistics Center, overseeing the reduction of pipes coming from İskenderun within the scope of TANAP project and chatting with the worker personnel on duty at Gökköy depot. He listened to the problems of the personnel.

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