Apaydın Speaks at Rail Systems Symposium

Apaydın Spoken at the Rail Systems Symposium: 3. International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium was held at 13 October 2016 in Karabük University.
TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydınstated that the liberalization of the railway sector has brought internationally accepted standards and certification processes into the agenda and developed professional standards for this purpose.
3.International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium was held in 13 October 2016 at Karabük University. In the symposium, national and national production and national test centers were discussed.
”The fact that we are now focusing on Localization and Milling in Rail Systems is also a sign of the stage we have in the railway sector in recent years. Ele
General Manager of the TCDD who attended the symposium and made the opening speech İsa Apaydın”The fact that we are now addressing the localization and nationalization of rail systems here is also an indication of the stage we have in the railway sector in recent years,, he said. 2003 50.3 XNUMX said that the investment of XNUMX billion TL until the date of the renewed lines have been made electrified and signaled, and in this context, the Ankara-Zonguldak railway from Karabük has been renewed by renewing the signal and said, d We opened the service between Karabük-Zonguldak Shortly after the Irmak-Karabük will be opened to service.
Our goal is to reduce our national train as soon as possible.
Apaydın stated that important steps have been taken for the production of railway equipments and equipments that require high technology in our country. The first National Electric locomotive produced at TÜLOMSAŞ, E1000, was downgraded last year.
TCDD General Manager who continued his speech by mentioning the developments of the National Train Project İsa Apaydın. Approximately 2.000 people work together with scientists, engineers, managers, technicians, workers and technical artists. National High Speed ​​Train, which we continue to work day and night on the rail as soon as possible, the nation is aiming to achieve a great success.
Ve We are working to raise qualified manpower with high knowledge, skills and work habits. “
TCDD General Manager who said that we are working to raise qualified manpower with high knowledge, skills and work habits. İsa Apaydın, In 19 has provided great support to the opening of Rail Systems Programs at 8 ground vocational schools in the area of ​​Anatolian Vocational High Schools. We contribute to continue their education by sending expert personnel. Uzman
Noting that Karabük University Eskipazar Vocational School Rail Systems Programs were opened with the support of TCDD and training was given by TCDD personnel, Apaydın said that Karabük University opened the Rail Systems Engineering Program and provided qualified personnel to the railway sector. kazanHe stated that he had signed a first for
Say The current number of labor force in the railway sector in Turkey is over a thousand persons. In the framework of our 50 year targets, we estimate that this number will reach 2023 thousand people. X
General Manager Apaydın said, edil As TCDD about the internship and employment of rail systems graduates, we have done our part and will continue to do so. We have employed 935 rail system graduates from 319 to 2007, who are 1.244 mechanic and train constructors and 50. However, as much as the sector needs to be owned by these young people. We estimate that this number will reach 2023 thousand people within the framework of our 100 year targets. Hedef
Apaydın stated that the liberalization of the railway sector brought internationally recognized standards and certification processes to the agenda; He believes that we do whatever we have to do about training, employment and certification for qualified workforce, and we expect the same sensitivity from our other stakeholders in the sector.
General manager İsa Apaydın After his speech, he attended the opening of the Hijaz Railway photo exhibition. At the symposium İşletme Local and National Production in Rail Transportation Systems İşletme panel, Murat Kavak, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, Müdür National Test Centers CD panel, TCDD Railway Research Technologies Center (DATEM) Operation Manager Güven Kandemir and DATEM Assistant Inspector Atilla Keskin said Ulaşım The head of TCDD Human Resources Department Cuneyt Turkkusu gave a speech on uş The Source Kay.

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