Samsun Çarşamba Airport 3 takes care of months

Samsun Çarşamba Airport is under maintenance for 3 months: Samsun Çarşamba Airport will be closed between 1 March and 30 May 2017, and it will make the tourists worried.
It is stated that the maintenance activities planned to be carried out between March 1 and May 30, 2017 will hit the tourism. The fact that Wednesday Airport will be closed for 3 months due to maintenance has worried the tourism professionals.
Murat Toktaş, President of the Black Sea Tourism Operators Association (KATID) and Board Member of the Hoteliers' Federation, said the following:
“We learned that Samsun Çarşamba Airport will be closed due to maintenance. While such a planning was on the agenda, we would like it to be shared with the sector. Since we are not aware of the issue, some of our hotels had connected with the Middle East market in the winter season, and now there will be a problem. Also, according to what we have heard, it was planned to close down to 1 year in maintenance, but this time was reduced to 3 months with the initiatives of our esteemed Governor İbrahim Şahin. But even this period is too long for us. Our expectation was to build the second runway to the airport of the rapidly growing city. When we talked to other cities where the track was closed, we learned that the issue caused serious economic losses. Things to do should be done, but if this is not the case, we expect support from the authorities for the solution of the issue before the runway closes or at the right date. ”
Turkey Travel Agencies Union Regional Chairman of the Executive Boards of the Basic Uzla concerns expressed as follows:
“We have many companies that organize domestic and international tours from Samsun. They have made a connection about this and have taken certain risks. In this case, they will not be able to make transactions from Samsun, or they can carry very few passengers from other provinces. But they have to make payments arising from the obligations of the contracts. Agencies that closed 2016 with loss will also be under financial responsibility for not fulfilling their obligations. If possible, we request that the airport be resolved with other alternatives before the airport is closed. We also have agencies that provide their livelihood by selling airline tickets. We should not ignore their position. ”
Murat Toktaş and Temel Uzlu stated that they would make attempts to get support from politicians on this issue.

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