Rize Artvin Airport will be 3 meters to 45 meters

Rize Artvin Airport will have a 3-meter runway to 45 meters: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Arslan, Rize Artvin Airport will have a “3-meter runway to 45 meters, 265-meter taxiway to 24 meters.” said.
The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan made examinations in the Rize-Artvin Airport region, which is planned to be built in Yeşilköy location of Pazar District of Rize. Arslan made statements to journalists after the investigation.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Rize Artvin Airport's “It will have a 3-meter runway to 45 meters, a connection road we call a 265-meter 24-meter taxiway and an apron of 300 meters to 120 meters, which appeals to 2 million passengers a year. This airport will also have a terminal. ” said.
Arslan stated that Rize Artvin Airport is important for the region in the statement to be built in the area to be built in the airport in Yeşilköy, Pazar district, “The reason is that these regions are not only sea tourism in these regions, but as different tourism types that are unique to the characteristics of the region develop. As the need increases and the opportunities of our people increase, our people are now doing more and more and they are more connected with their country. Therefore, Rize, the need for travel, the need to fly through the airport and the air is increasing, in order to improve the relations of Rizeli and Artvin, who live in the west, not only for the people of Artvin, but also here. As such, an airport that has not looked feasible in the past in the region is now feasible. ” he spoke.
In this context, after studying various alternatives related to Rize Artvin Airport, Arslan said that they finally decided on this shade and said, “The reason for this is that we consider three things in particular. While making a sea embankment, there are plenty of streams in the Black Sea in depth, two obstacles, and the third is known, so the districts where the streams are located were taken into consideration in order to bring streams and not disrupt the business and this alternative was chosen as the alternative that best fulfills all three alternatives. " used the expression.
Minister Arslan, who announced that they had completed the project work, continued his speech:
“We made our application to the Public Procurement Authority. The tender process begins officially tomorrow, and we will receive offers on November 2. Yesterday Mr. President gave the good news here, we will be making an international conventional airport. This airport will have a runway of 3 meters, 45 meters, a 265-meter taxiway to 24 meters, and an apron of 300 meters to 120 meters, which will also have a terminal that appeals to 2 million passengers a year. With the approaches, we will have constructed a runway and runway connection roads on an east-west axis parallel to the sea in an area of ​​4 meters. If you start from the Maiden Tower, the fishermen's shelter will cover an area of ​​500 thousand 4 meters in the direction of Rize, and we hope that we will start and finish the tender processes until the end of this year. ”
Arslan, including filling about 25 million tons of stone, stressing that they will fill a total of 88.5 million tons, "Although the second airport made the sea in Turkey when you think of this place depth and size will be Turkey's biggest. Therefore, we hope that we will have built a second airport to the sea. ” said.
“I hope we will have taken another important step in this region”
Minister Arslan noted that they will realize one of the projects that they have been doing recently and that has made a worldwide impact in Rize.
“Of course this will serve Rize, Artvin and the people of the region, but in my opinion, the western prestige of our country will also fulfill a function in the name of our country in terms of the prestige of our country in the world. He also in terms of our prestige, our country in terms of the point where Turkey's greatness important to demonstrate the world. Of course, the world knows that when doing all these magnitudes, a leader was required, and that leader, God bless our President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I hope we will do many projects like this as we lead and lead us, and we will continue to have a say in the world not only with our technique, but also with our leader in terms of the validity of our word, and being the patroness of the oppressed and victims in the world. ”
Arslan said, "You will say, 'where did you bring it to your pregnancy?" He continued his words as follows:
“If you are doing such big projects, if you are investing, this investment also means that the country grows commercially and economically, it means that the country gets more shares from the world trade and has more say in the world. The more you grow economically, the more you have a say, the more valid you have, the validity of your leader's word in the world will grow and increase in this sense. We have a leader who will speak of gratitude to God, but with what we have done, we have taken ourselves to strengthen our leader. In this sense, I hope we will have taken another important step in this region. ”
Stating that they will create an average of 22 meters of filling, the deepest of which is 17 meters, Arslan said, “In this sense, it is an important depth. you kept. 4 years later, I hope together we will fly all over the world, everywhere from Turkey. We would like to thank our President of course on this matter. I would like to thank our Prime Minister for his support in the government both during his ministry and now for instructions on this project. ” he spoke.
“We have an effort to create added value for our country”
Arslan, the airport to the region, wishing to be beneficial, said:
“I hope our Rize Artvin regional airport will be auspicious to our region. I hope we will receive offers on November 2. We will also return the financial offers from the companies that we find technically sufficient, and we will receive the tender, and then we will give the best price from among the companies that have technical competence, and hopefully, we will give the tender and connect it until the end of the year. Hopefully, Rize Artvin is an airport that will contribute to our country's aviation, our people's flight with the airline and in this sense, hopefully be auspicious.
A journalist's "Will it be completed in 4 years, previously stated as a thousand business days?" On the question, Minister Arslan gave the following response:
“You are talking about the working day. Our Ordu Giresun Airport took a little over 3 years. We have tightened the processes there, but if you consider the depth of Ordu Giresun Airport, this place is about 1.5 times more difficult. Therefore, there will be about 1.5 times more filling here. Filling, which will take our actual time, so we foresee 4 years. As in all our works, we endeavor to finish as soon as possible, to present to the service of our people as soon as possible, to create added value for our country. Of course, we will strive to shorten the duration of the course, but when you think about the feature and difficulty of the project, we aim to finish it in 4 years. ”
“We will have realized the stylish vision in the middle of November in the Ovit Tunnel”
Minister Arslan gave the following information after a journalist asked about the latest situation in the Ovit Tunnel:
“The Ovit Tunnel is important for our country. Sometimes people think only as Rize's project, no Ovit Tunnel is really the project of the Black Sea, because it is a very important corridor that will connect the Black Sea to the south of our country through Rize, Erzurum. The most important part of this important corridor, the most important ring of the Ovit Tunnel, is that it is unfair to evaluate the 14-kilometer double tube and the Ovit Tunnel alone. We build a 35 kilometers tunnel between Rize and Erzurum. If you think of a double tube, we are building a 70 kilometer tunnel, not only the Ovit Tunnel, but the most important link, the Ovit Tunnel, will be realized in the middle of November and we will see the light by completing the last part. We will connect the tunnel with each other on both sides. ”
During his investigations, Minister Arslan was accompanied by Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, AK Party Rize Deputies Hasan Karal, Hikmet Ayar and Osman Aşkın Bak and other interested parties.

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