Location Antalya EXPO-Meydan tram line

Location Antalya EXPO-Meydan tram line: Electronic illuminated direction tracking devices, which are hung to be at that stop and others, have not been operating for months. After all, the work of the company that received and ended the tender is over. He even took his money… Wouldn't he have an official who checked it? There are illuminated signs that have not worked since the job was delivered. Then, we boast that high-tech trams are in Antalya.
What kind of contradiction is that? One also has yellow tapes for the visually impaired at the tram stop. Woe to the disabled person following these bands. Or, you see the disabled citizens 'Are there any who are involved in the family?' Is it a problem?
I warn; Please help if you see a disabled in the tram.
'Why would there be no voicemail system in stops?' I want to ask; more light-written system does not work; voice?
I'm also looking for the engineer who pays a citizen stall by putting one or two benches on the tram stops. Are you two bank jokes at a stop? Ah is the capital of tourism.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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