Passenger train evacuated upon suspicious bag notice

Passenger train was evacuated upon the suspect bag notification: The passenger train, which made the Kurtalan-Ankara flight, was evacuated in Yerköy district of Yozgat due to the suspect bag notification.
According to the information received, upon the notification of the passengers who saw unattended bags in a seat, the passenger train numbered “51541”, which made the Kurtalan-Ankara expedition, was stopped at the station in Yerköy district of Yozgat.
After the evacuation of the passengers, bomb disposal expert teams were invited from Yozgat.
Clothes came out of the bag
The suitcase opened as a controlled, clothes came out.
Mehmet Sarıbaş, who was traveling in the wagon where the suspicious bag was located, said that when they saw that there was a derelict bag in one of the seats, they informed the authorities.

Stating that the passengers were first evacuated to another car, Sarıbaş stated that the train was completely emptied when they arrived in Yerköy.
Ömer Yeşilyurt, the owner of the suspicious bag, said that the wagon it was in had a warmer car and said, “I did not guess that the bag would cause this kind of event. I had both work and health control from Kurtalan to Ankara and I was going to him. There are dresses in my bag, normally I was standing next to the bag, and since the wagon was cold, I switched to another wagon. There is a misunderstanding." he spoke.
After waiting for approximately 1 hour, the passenger train moved to Ankara again.

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