Passages on Konya-Karaman high-speed train route removed

Passages on the Konya-Karaman high-speed train route were removed: All of the crossings on the Konya-Karaman high-speed train route were removed for security reasons. No more pedestrians or vehicles can pass through the train route
Turkey, which is one of the most important railway center in Konya high speed rail line, work continues for the addition of Karaman connection. Between Konya and Karaman, the road construction work was completed and the signalization tender was completed.
Indicating that the tender of the signalization is done, the Konya Branch President Adem Gül said, bulunan A total of 8 gates have been removed, including Etbalık, Kömrücüler, Çomaklı, Kaşınhanı and Çumra, which are on the railway route of Karaman-Konya. We, as railways, have made our duty. The Metropolitan Municipality will create connection roads for the citizens not to be victims and ensure the passage of vehicles through the underpass, Büyük he said.
Referring to the point where the train passes should be safe, Gul said, merak Recently, a citizen came to the wagon at the place where the lateral was found due to the curiosity of the photograph and was subjected to electric current. In order to avoid such situations, we did not leave any passage on the railway. In other words, neither a vehicle nor a citizen can pass from where there is a controlled uncontrolled train. When the passage works are completed, the train will be taken under wire mesh, into the wire mesh and the train will become faster. The first phase of the power line will be completed and operated until the first six months of 2017. Land

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