Ropeway in the Army to be Taken to the Maintenance: The tourist area of ​​Ordu, Boztepe, providing access to the cable car was reported to do maintenance.

In a written statement from the Army Metropolitan Municipality, the cable car operated by municipalities, Inc., a subsidiary of ORBEL "22 500 thousand Operating Hours Care" was stated to be made within the scope of maintenance work on the second stage.

Maintenance work on the safest means of transportation will be removed from the statement expressed by testing the reliability of the potential risks in the cable car was recorded as follows:

Içerisinde The annual maintenance costs of the ropeway, which has an important place in Ordu's tourism service area, is also remarkable. Periodically, only repair the cable car taken care of and for the year 2015 538 thousand pounds is the standard of care has been spending, as the heavy maintenance is planned total expenditure in the year 2016 600 thousand pounds. Visitors who use the cable car make their travel safer as a result of regular maintenance work. Tel

In a statement, a total of one million thousand pounds 138 cable car care spending hours in the last two years, monthly, monthly and annual maintenance of 6 was pointed out periodically performed.

The first stage of the maintenance work, 18-22 transferred to the statement made in April 2016 history, 17 will serve the cable car maintenance during the second stage will be held in October-November 15 2016 date were recorded.

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