Great Maintenance on the Army Ropeway

Greater Maintenance in Ordu Teleferik: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. The second stage maintenance work was started within the scope of the saat 22 bin 500 operating hour maintenance ikinci of the cable car, which was operated by and one of the symbols of the Army.

Within the scope of maintenance work, the rollers on the 53 meter-long cable-mast next to the Yalı Mosque were lowered. The spools will be reassembled on the hydraulic circuits and bushings, after checking the welding connections and replacing the worn pins. The same operations will be applied to the reels in other poles.

The most detailed maintenance of the lift will be 22.500 hours maintenance hydraulic maintenance, NDT on mechanical components, revision of mechanical service - pulley trains and electrical services.

In the periodic maintenance of the cable car, the 2016 is planned to spend a total of 600 thousand pounds as heavy maintenance costs. 4 appointed by the contractor company who is working on maintenance works with Orbel A.Ş. continues with the technical team at the cable car station.

The second stage maintenance work under '22 bin 500 operating hour maintenance' will end on 15 November 2016. After this date, citizens will continue to benefit from the cable car service

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