On the road to Metrobus can market! Audit zero offs

Life market on the Metrobus road! Control zero children are on the main street: Despite the recent increase in the metrobus, children do not hesitate to jump to the main streets and the metrobus crossing road at metrobus stops or roads. Moreover, there is no security factor…
Metrobus and metrobus events, which have not been on the agenda for weeks, came to the agenda once again. Metrobus cases that have been experienced in places that can be called the heart of Istanbul have been started to be talked about quite recently. A similar incident has attracted the attention of a citizen recently. These children, who are aged 4-8 who pass illegally to the Metrobus and who sell need materials such as water, jump uncontrollably to the road where the metrobus is obligatory. These children, where no security guard even intervenes, pass over the barriers to the E-5 Highway. Nobody sees the loss of life of children who do not refrain from doing this even during heavy hours of traffic.
Security police searched, police highways….
While the children respond with anxiousness to the citizens 'willingness to intervene and intervene, the security officers at Darülacaze-Perpa station, where the incident takes place almost every day,' There is no behavior that can be done. Report to the police.
Does a child have to die?
As the citizen was stunned by the response he received, it was rather strange that they directed the police to the Highways, as if we were calling the police 'go road or have excavation work'. Is it necessary for a child to lose a life to intervene in this situation? ” she reacted…




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