OMÜ Students Launch Signature Campaign

OMU Students Signed Campaign: The problems in tram stops in Samsun infuriated OMÜ students. After the extension of the tram line, the fee received in the first edition is refunded according to the number of stops. The first reaction came from the students to this method, which was a great deal for their citizens.
Signature Campaign Started!
A signature campaign titled nitelikli We want qualified and cheap transportation in Samsun! Da was launched at Here are details of the signature campaign initiated by ÖMÜ Students;
In Samsun, public transport services which are expensive, inadequate and unqualified for years; With recent system changes and hikes, it has become a complete deception. With the new application, the first published price of the tram is refunded according to the number of stops, two and more of the return can not be received, the cost of the return devices are not enough to cause long queues, due to the low number of expeditions due to busy hours, trams and buses, unqualified transportation service, money loading devices are inadequate. In order to solve the problems in transportation, necessary arrangements should be made and the victimization should be stopped.
Our demands;
1.To withdrawing the hikes for transportation and reasonable adjustment of prices.
2. Setting the number of voyages of all public transportation vehicles according to the peak hours,
Increasing the number of rings in 3.Kurupetil campus,
4. Reasonable arrangement of fare and bus fares to central districts,
5.Improve fee return devices,
Increasing 6.para loading devices and putting money loading devices into express stops.
To join the signature campaign, click You can click.

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