Oiderin General Assembly was held in Bursa

Oiderin General Board was held in Bursa: The Bus Operators Association (OIDER) held its first general meeting in Bursa.
Bus Operators Association (OIDER), as a public transport authority, to establish a common platform for bus operators, to establish cooperation in the sector, to develop joint decision making and working opportunities, to be the center of knowledge and experience in this field, to support and support public transport systems in national and international environments and to develop solutions that will carry the sector forward. Antalya Transportation Inc., BURULAS, Denizli Transportation Inc., GAZIULAS, IETT, Kayseri Transportation Inc., MOTAŞ, SAMULAŞ, Sanliurfa BB and ULAŞIMPARK is one of the founding members of the OIDER, being the voice of the industry and all the provinces The first general meeting was held in Bursa with the aim of covering in a short time. BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the association, while Mesut Değer, who is the Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs, representing Antalya Transportation Inc. as the members of the Board of Directors, Recep General Manager Recep Tokat, representing GAZİULAŞ. Kadir Gürkan, the member of the Board of Directors, and Abdullah Keskin, Transportation Planning Manager, were elected as representatives of the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.
They will benefit both the sector and the country
OIDER, besides providing its knowledge among its members, is also very serious in the name of the country's economy. To provide sustainable and efficient public transportation service that will contribute to human, environment and economy, to increase passenger satisfaction, to represent its members in all environments, to be in the interest of legislation in the sector, to maintain regular cooperation among bus companies, to manage business processes in parallel with growth to contribute to the members, to create a platform for discussion of the problems affecting the operation, and to ensure the development and sustainability of the sector throughout the country is an important part of OIDER's objectives.

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