European, No need for Cabinet in Public Transport

📩 12/12/2018 17:38

Europeans can not hear Cabinet Needs Transportation after umbrella attack on the Metrobus driver in Turkey bus and proceed to cabinet applications in public transport vehicles such as Metrobus discussed, Kosovo, Germany, drivers in France and Greece are not any measures to protect against possible attacks.
After umbrella attack on the Metrobus driver in Turkey bus and proceed to cabinet applications in public transport vehicles such as Metrobus discussed, Kosovo, Germany, drivers in France and Greece are not any measures to protect against possible attacks. In Hungary, drivers are protected by cabs.
In Kosovo, which left the war 16 years ago, urban transportation has not yet reached the required level in terms of development. In the capital city of Pristina, public transportation is made by buses of public and private companies, far from European standards. Therefore, it is observed that the quality of services provided to citizens is low.
Bus driver Nuha Beka, who works on line 4 in Pristina, said, “We have no security. No measures have been taken to protect against irritable passengers or any aggressors. But we are not afraid. ” Nuha Beka stated that the situation is not bad in general despite the fact that the traffic is progressing very slowly due to the increasing number of vehicles in Pristina. Beka said, “There was no serious attack. Me and my colleagues were not attacked by the passenger. But there is no guarantee that this will not happen. No problem so far does not mean that it will not happen in the future. For this reason, of course, security measures should be taken. European standards should be applied in this regard. However, buses are old in Kosovo. It is not possible to make cabinets that will prevent contact with passengers. ”
Citizens also do not complain about the situation, although the service provided is not of high quality. Citizens state that they have a respectful relationship between the bus driver and the crew and passengers who cut the ticket. Bedri Lutfiu from Pristina said, “We have not had any problems so far. My wife and I use the bus regularly. Better solutions can be considered regarding security. However, this must have a financial basis. ”
Special cabin for Hungarian drivers
The drivers of public transportation vehicles in Hungary are protected against all kinds of passenger attacks with their protection cabins. Bela Bodi, a 24-year bus driver, said that the drivers, who serve in public transport in the capital city of Budapest, have been protected against any aggressions and attacks that may come from passengers for about 5 years. Stating that he had never had an accident, Bodi said that no passengers had ever been attacked, but some of his friends were beaten by angry passengers, so the Budapest Public Transport Authority's cabins were sheltered in vehicles to prevent attacks on drivers.
Bodi said that a passenger in Istanbul learned about the attack news that the passengers were injured due to fainting and crashing the metrobus driver with an umbrella. Bela Bodi, who said that the bus did not operate the air conditioner due to the hot weather, noted that the driver opened the door of the protection cabin and normally the door of the protection cabin was closed.
Drivers are in danger in Greece
Bus in Greece are not different from the bus in Turkey. Drivers who use public transportation, preferred by hundreds of people every day, are vulnerable to possible attacks by passengers. Even though there is no discussion between the driver and the passengers, the drivers are not safe against possible attacks. There are no cabins or screens that distinguish the Greek drivers who enter the bus from the door that passengers get on. The area where the drivers are located is separated from the area where the passengers are located with only one half door.
Drivers in France against the cabinet
Chauffeurs are not safe in France, which has recently been battling terrorist attacks. There are no precautions to protect the drivers from possible attacks in the buses that provide daily transportation. the driver and the passenger in France, as in Turkey devotes only half a door from each other. There are no cabs, screens or glass doors that limit or hinder the driver's communication with passengers. Especially in the suburbs of Paris, drivers who use public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways and trams, who are frequently harassed, go on strike, claiming that I am not safe by means of their unions. Officials, on the other hand, increase the number of the advisors to 2 or 3 to ensure the safety of their assistants who check the ticket in the bus with the driver. In fact, a civilian police is also given to the officers in the subway and suburban trains. The drivers, who do not want the name of France to be announced, stated that there are more verbal and physical attacks in some districts and that they are against the construction of buses in buses as well as in metro and trains. Stating that the passengers may want to get information, the drivers argue that the dialogue will be cut when the buses are built, and that human relations will be left aside due to some verbal or physical attack. The drivers said, “If the person has decided to attack us and argue with us, he can come to the last stop and make a similar attack on the street when I get off. We are in favor of the dialogue. ”
No measures for the driver in Germany
In Germany, passengers usually have monthly or weekly cards, and those who do not have a ticket, get on the bus from the front door and get their ticket from the driver. Those who have tickets can also take the bus from the back door. There is no protection feature in the area where the driver is located. A replacement driver is sent instead, after the driver notifies the company to which he is affiliated as a result of a discussion with the passenger. Ali Osman Arslan, who has been a bus driver in Germany for 16 years, stated that he was not exposed to any physical violence and said, “We do not argue with the passenger. Our duty is to ensure the safety of passengers and other vehicles in traffic. We stop our vehicle by braking immediately in case of any attack. We burn the quads and press the emergency button under our feet and inform the police. In a short time, the police come and take care of the attacker. The duty of the driver is not to argue with the passengers. In case of any negativity, we warn first. If our warning is not taken into account, we will inform the authorities. ”


  1. Ali Osman ARSLAN, who works as a public transportation vehicle driver in Germany, wrote the whole truth, no more comments needed! If you are boring, try to have an unnecessary discussion with an official in the USA, in any advanced European country: (1) does not argue, does not give room and opportunity to debate, (2) otherwise the addressee is the police. We also argue with the police and the police, In fact, with those who cannot stand even from the alcohol they take, a conversation and discussion takes place in the comfort of a child… In other words, we are indulgent in every aspect. The interesting thing is that we try to fit this into a series of disguises: service provision, tolerance, human behavior, etc.
    CONCLUSION: In our case, a protective cabin with bulletproof glass is inevitable!

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