Images of Knife Air Conditioning Fight Revealed in Metrobus

Edirnekapı Metrobus Stop Will Be Closed In Two Weekends
Edirnekapı Metrobus Stop Will Be Closed In Two Weekends

The images of the moments when the metrobus driver argued over the air conditioner and stabbed the passenger in the growing debate after the metrobus stopped, reflected in the camera on the metrobus. The incident at Zincirlikuyu Metrobüs stop occurred on September 6, 2016.

On the day that Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar voyage metrobus reflected on the security camera first, the driver to open the air conditioner reflected to the driver reflected. It is seen that there are other passengers participating in the debate that started there. As a result of the debate that lasted until the last stop of Metrobus, passengers come down from the metrobus.

The discussion with the driver continues after the landing of the passengers. IETT employees are entering this time. IETT employees trying to calm the driver and passengers, the passenger is still entering the metrobus.


Passenger's metrobus after entering the glasses on one of the seats stand out from the back, the BRT driver's hand appears to be a pocket knife. While trying to protect the passenger from the knife, the passenger is trying to escape from the impact while the driver swings the knife. In the meantime, the injured passenger is getting off the metrobus and the driver closes the knife and sits in his seat.


IETT officials trying to calm down the parties discussing before getting on the driver of the metrobüse draws attention. After moving the driving BRT, including injured and some passengers running alongside the BRT are reflected in the camera.


It was reported that the BRT driver, who had been released on probation, had been removed from his institution.


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