British system ends in metrobust

Metrobüste British system ends: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Head of Istanbul Branch Battal Kılıç, BRT road to the appropriate means should be removed by the reverse direction of the application should be removed.
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul Branch President Battal Kılıç said at a press conference held by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) in Taksim, yesterday, in the accident that occurred as a result of a car entering the metrobus road in the Sefaköy section of the D-100 Highway, 1 person died, 3 people also reported that he was injured.
Defending that the flow from the opposite direction of the metrobus line threatens traffic safety, Kılıç said, “Although the traffic flow in our country is from the right lane, metrobus drivers constantly drive in the opposite direction during their working hours. This situation, contrary to normal conditions, causes drivers to lose concentration and sometimes give reflexes in the opposite direction, increasing the possibility of an accident. On the other hand, the application of reverse direction, the departure of the metrobus to the main road or the vehicles leaving the lane and entering the metrobus road, as in the accident in Sefaköy, causes reverse collisions.
Kılıç stated that the way to produce permanent solutions for the urban transportation problem in Istanbul is through long-term planning and harmonization between all transportation modes and focusing on rail and sea transportation.
Stating that despite his warnings, the majority of Istanbul's urban transportation consists of road transportation, Kılıç said:
“Appropriate vehicles should be allocated to the metrobus road and the reverse direction application should be removed, so that head-on collisions should be avoided in case of possible accidents. If this cannot be done in the short term, the barriers that separate the Metrobus road from the other road should be seriously strengthened and vehicles should be prevented from entering the metrobus road or the metrobus flowing traffic. "
In the meantime, IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, with a new tender to be opened, metrobus line on the left side of the new buses with doors will be taken and the flow of reverse-flowing Metrobus, the end of the 2017 traffic will return to the direction of traffic said. .

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