Metrobus attacker blames driver

Metrobüs attacker blamed the driver: Istanbul Acıbadem 23 In September, the driver of the BRT Recai Turkoglu, which he discussed in the car, hitting the metrobus with an umbrella while driving, causing the 11 to be injured and the accountant Murat A., sent news from prison.
According to the news of Hüseyin Şentürk from the Habertürk Newspaper, Murat A.'s brother Ali A. said that his brother described the event as follows:
Değil Yes, I'm guilty, but not by myself. Even more chauffeur. It all started because he didn't stop at a woman waiting at the station. I warned the driver to stop. Go to the front, "Why don't you open the door?" I asked. He stood up and pushed me with his hand, 'Hero donkeys, get what I want take what I want,' he cried, cussed at my mother. I hit the chute on the cabin with the driver. I think he left the wheel of the vehicle purposely. They force me to do toilet cleaning in prison. Ceza

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