Metrobus on the subway

Metrobus ok metro road: AK Party Buyukcekmece District President Ilker Gurbuz to solve the problem of public transportation Kadir Topbas Kadik explained the details of the meeting. Gürbüz stated that the metrobüs project on the Büyükçekmece Silivri line was started and said that the metro would be included in the 2019 projects.
AK Party Büyükçekmece District President Ilker Gurbuz Culture Park Bolu House hosted journalists. Explaining the investments of İBB in Büyükçekmece, Gürbüz said, 'We have a public transportation problem. This problem is being comforted by BRT in Beylikdüzü and Avcılar. Our district's connection to the metrobus was in a position that had been waiting for many years because of the intensity of the top-down landing. At the coordination meeting we held last night, we have requested a project from our president Kadir Kadir to solve the public transportation problem of our region. He knows our sensitivity on the subject. He was very supportive to us and gave the necessary instructions to the whole technical team in the area. If there is a mishap in the Büyükçekmece Silivri line on the BRT started their projects. Eğer
We are closely following the project
Gürbüz said that the transportation project will be implemented if there is no other situation. I The public transportation axis is planned to be crowned with the metrobus project by including the Silivri Büyükçekmece line. It doesn't seem to be a very serious problem when it comes to life. Our provincial president also provides the necessary support on this issue. We hope that our region will solve the problem with the metrobus project in the near future and will reach the metrobus which has reached its target. The big pull is already good to us. However, we are closely following the project that the Kadir president will present from the national press. Because when we share this topic with our friends, 'where is it going, where is the stop?' he began to be asked. Kadir Topbaş will answer these questions. They're doing their preparations. I hope our region will be better. 2019 projects will also be included in the metro. So I'm guessing its many connections up to 2024 large trains that are related to public transportation, it will solve and solve the problem. It was something we all wanted. Good luck to our district İl.
IMM's full squad has arrived
Ilker Gurbuz said that the heads of the metropolitan flats in Büyükçekmece had an on-site inspection. They came here as a full-fledged team. There was a serious study in Sinanoba in Mimaroaba in our region. We wanted to share this with you. I would like to thank all of our political administrators, our parliamentary group, our group president, our colleagues. They managed to convince the public with a struggle that lasted for several months. Thank you to everyone who contributed. These were the parts that mattered to us. Now we want to get out of the hospital. Artık
There will be two prestige streets in Büyükçekmece
Speaking at the press conference after the District Chairman Ilker Gurbuz AK Party group vice president Recep Erol, "Mr. district president to get a contribution to the president I said," he said. Erol gave information about the meeting held with IMM President Kadri Topbaş and said, yap Mr. Kadir may have jumped on the Büyükçekmece issue last night because of the many things in the program we made with the president. 7 is quite natural to forget at an hourly meeting. I want to make a contribution in a few points. Topbaş especially wants to do our prestigious street in Büyükçekmece. We will meet and determine two of these streets in the municipality. Its construction and project will be fully owned by IMM. Kadir Bey wants to present our two streets as a prestige street to Büyükçekmece. Again in the same way we all know, yesterday we visited the region with the President, unfortunately in Büyükçekmece areas are limited to the ground. There are areas we can really use. But at this point, people who want to have a picnic, who want to travel with their children, have to go to Çatalca or nearby places. In this regard, we will work together with our district president in a few points in Büyükçekmece Park, we will try to resolve our garden needs. We know that the current municipality works in this sense. But they work at different points. We want to serve in neglected points without any political discrimination. Biz
The decision will give Topbaş
Recep Erol added that the decision on the prestige streets was projected and other issues belonged entirely to Kadir Topbaş. Maybe this is also the case for Büyükçekmece and our neighbor in the region. There's nothing concrete about it. But it is obvious that the two streets will be built as prestige streets and all of them will be built by the Metropolitan Municipality. Again, at the point expressed by the president, we have a way to reduce Istanbul's traffic, especially from Çakmaklı. Bu-nu is also currently attempting to open the Büyükçekmece Municipality. I hope that the whole of the Asphalt Metropolitan Municipality Mayor will open it. We also want to alleviate traffic at certain points. The head of the 4 bridge is expressed. We know you're a little late. At the moment it was a little late at the point that connects Mimarsinan to Büyükçekmece, but there were certain changes in the Metropolitan. We talked to them last night. I hope that our bridges will be operational very soon. In the areas next to the bridge you will also see certain works in time. Let me not explain them fully, Onları he said.

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