Why did you green the rail

If the rail was going to cause greening: the last victim of Tram Projects Alsancak viaduct was the landscape work. Three months of greening the area, 7 month before the dozer was introduced. Resources wasted
Mansion and Karşıyaka What happened to the landscaping in the Alsancak Viaduct once again proved that the Tramway Projects are one of the most striking examples of the unplanned and unplanned works of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. An aesthetic appearance to the 20 thousand square meter section under the viaduct kazanThe landscaping area, which cost 2 million liras and was built by truck-trucks of soil and ground improvement, was removed for laying the rails of the tram, whose route was changed 15 times. As part of the work of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to beautify the bottom of the viaducts, the viaducts on Liman Street were given the appearance of a vertical garden. 20 thousand 22 medium-large-extra-large shrub groups and 400 sweetgum trees were planted on an area of ​​approximately 220 thousand square meters. The landscaping, which was completed in March, was specially illuminated to make it look more aesthetic when it got dark.
However, even 7 months later, a new one was added to the puzzles that made the head of hair disappear. Within the scope of the construction of the tram's route from Halkapınar to Konak, the grass in the landscape area was scraped with bulldozers. Trees and shrub-type plants planted in the green area also got their share. While the plants on the route were dismantled one by one, the irrigation system created for irrigation of planted flowers and lawns was also dismantled.
Spending about 7 million liras of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, even before 2 months, wasted this way, and it was the head of sight for those who saw it. Citizens who claim that municipal resources are wasted and wasted; "Since the tram line was going to pass, why did you make arrangements by spending so much money?" Meanwhile, the grass that was not removed dried up due to damage to the irrigation system. Cables in the lighting system were also damaged and disabled during rail laying.
Previously, the coastal line between Göztepe-Üçkuyular ferry ports, which were costing 3 million pounds in the scope of the Coastal Sea Project, was broken due to the change of the tramway route and the 1 that had been laid for years.

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