Level crossings are history

Level crossings are history: State Railways 3. Deputy Regional Director Muhsin Keçe, between Selcuk and Efeler district will be removed from the 112 level crossing, the transition will be provided by the lower and overpasses
The 112 level crossings between Selçuk, İzmir, and Efeler, Aydın, are history. In order to remove the level crossings where many fatal accidents occurred, the State Railways 3rd Regional Directorate started work. The 53 level crossings on the Selçuk-Efeler railway line, which is about 112 kilometers long, will be canceled with under and over crossings. Within the framework of the project, which is planned to be implemented in three years, the number of accidents in crossings will decrease to zero.
"The problem will end"
Speaking about the project at the Provincial Coordination Board meeting held in Aydın, Deputy Director of the State Railways 3rd Region Muhsin Keçe said, “In two years, a double electrical signaling system will be installed on the railway between İzmir and Selçuk. Then a double signaling system will be built between Selçuk and Aydın. After the double signaling system is connected, we will remove the 112 level crossings on the Selçuk-Efeler railway line. We will cancel all level crossings between Selçuk and Efeler with under and over crossings. The problem of my citizens on this route regarding level crossings will come to an end. Following the works in this region, we will start the construction of the Efeler-Denizli line. "A tunnel of 8 thousand 300 meters will be built between Selçuk, Çamlık and Ortaklar."

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