LED and Lighting Fair is preparing to bring together the global sector

LED and Lighting Fair, the global industry is preparing to introduce LED, the world's rare fairs and events from, the largest exhibition in the new generation lighting field in Turkey and the region of LED and Lighting Fair, a global industry 12. Preparing to meet once.
6-9 LED and Lighting Fair, which will be organized together with Electric and Electronic Sub-Industry Fairs, will be held between 2016-9 October 10 Istanbul Fair Center (IFM) XNUMX. and XNUMX. halls
With the important arrangement made in the content of LED and Lighting Fair, we have organized our fair to include internal electrical installation by adding a significant part of the sectors included in our electricity fair which we organized under ELEX name to the content of LED and Lighting Fair. With this restructuring, we create the opportunity to bring all sectors of the sector together under one trade fair.
LED and Lighting Fair; 2016 will be able to serve the sector as a fair starting from the electricity panels starting from the year of the year, covering all the products in the process until the last point where the lighting is attained.

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