Kastamonu Mayor Minister Arslana railway demand

📩 12/12/2018 17:46

Kastamonu Mayor Minister Arslana railway demand: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Father's demand for railways, the railway is a need, and said it would evaluate.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, who visited the Municipality within the scope of his contacts in Kastamonu, met with Mayor Tahsin Babaş. Minister Arslan, who received information about the works carried out from the President Babaş, stated that the Kırık Dam Tunnel is as important as the Ilgaz Tunnel and said, “Our tunnel project as important as the Ilgaz Tunnel is the Kırık Tunnel. All of our teammates on highways deal with the problems one-to-one. For the region, it is important to eliminate the problems in transportation. "We will work in harmony with our bureaucrats, MPs and politicians, and endeavor to solve the existing problems in a short time."
Stating that they know how important Kastamonu Airport is for Kastamonu, Minister Arslan said, “After the airline, it is necessary to look at the possibilities regarding the railroad. As everyone knows, possibilities are limited, and demands are unlimited. What we are trying to do is to do our best among the available possibilities. It is not very difficult to connect Kastamonu with the railway network. However, we aim at a priority when creating our investment programs. We need to put these demands in order, but we should not perceive this order as tomorrow. We know that the railroad is a need. However, it should be known that this also has a sequence. We make extraordinary efforts to complement our other works. Mutual cooperation is important when there is a need. I hope we will increase our services and make our citizens happy ”.
Mayor Babas asked the Minister Arslan for rail
Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Babaş said that Kastamonu is one of the most important cities of the region with its historical and cultural texture. But 1900. century and 19. Since the beginning of the 18th century, Kastamonu has not been able to overcome its problems in the transportation point and has not been able to develop as a continuous population. Until the last 20 year. Kastamonu, Ilgaz has not exceeded the date. Kastamonu, a kind of transportation system for many years could not solve. But now, Kastamonu began to solve this problem of backwardness, the transportation problem. Especially after the AK Party came to power, good investments were made at the transportation point. The Ilgaz Tunnel was a dream for us, because we didn't have heavy traffic. We didn't foresee it. But it didn't, and the Ilgaz Tunnel was punctured, and it's been a while before it's already in service. We would like to thank everyone who contributed. E
Stating that Kastamonu Airport, which has been idle for 54 years, was opened again during the AK Party period and is currently working actively, President Babaş said, “One of the most important places in our struggle for independence is İnebolu Port, which is the transportation provided by the sea, and then the Independence Road. Large shipments were made from Inebolu Port in time, and the ammunition that came to Inebolu Port in the struggle for independence was transported from here. In this context, the legend of Şerife Bacılar and Halime Çavuşlar, who was martyred while carrying bullets with his oxcart, was written. We now know that it is planned to increase the capacity of Inebolu Port and to make it more active through privatization. Hopefully, İnebolu Port will be put into service soon and the road route that will connect the Black Sea to the Mediterranean by road will also be provided. "Now, this project is being put into service one by one."
Kastamonu'nın last need for the railroad, and this reminded the city as a reminder of the President of the AK Party President Babas, aş We would like to come from Karabük or Çankırı to come to our city and expect. Because Kastamonu has very large mines. We have mineral resources and marble. It is essential to have a railroad for their evaluation and for the transportation to be profitable. However, we can bring investors to Kastamonu this way. Otherwise, the investor does not come. Therefore, we demand the construction of a railroad from our Ministry and a feasibility study for this. Bu
Mayor Babaş stated that they are satisfied with the work carried out by the 15th Regional Directorate of Highways in Kastamonu and that some minor problems were experienced, but efforts were made to solve them.


  1. Railway Inebolu with the privatization of the port, considering the BOT model will have the chance to realize in a short time. The most convenient route is Karabük route. Planning should be done in Karabuk Safranbolu Kastamonu İnebolu.

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