Karahisar Castle cable car project approved

Karahisar Castle ropeway project has been approved: Mayor of Afyonkarahisar Burhanettin Çoban has announced that it has been granted permission from the Regional Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Eskişehir for accessing the Karahisar Castle with a ropeway. President Shepherd, Castle and Erdal Akar Park to be installed between the cable car will be installed at the end of 2017 said.

Mayor of Afyonkarahisar Burhanettin Çoban was the guest of the second session of the October Provincial Assembly meeting. President Çoban, who visited the Provincial Council President Salih Sel before the meeting, made a presentation about the activities to the members of the assembly. President Shepherd, Karahisar Castle in a question about the acquisition of tourism, "The cable car breaks the image, said that silhouette. We have advertised in the newspapers, Afyon Fortress is looking for technical people to make an elevator. Italian companies, Swiss companies, Ankara companies came. Not only was the 52 million pounds of money going to the steel system, the 10-15 million also went to the elevator, the 60-65 million pounds money. That is very serious number. We took it to the SIT Board, explained the situation, calculated. This Friday, there was a board meeting in Eskişehir. Erdem Akar Park, Hıdırlıktan, not allowed from the Square was allowed. His article will arrive tomorrow. Projects are being made. Hopefully, our people will serve the service of the people of Afyon at the end of the year 2017 ğ.

Stressing that Afyonkarahisar has made significant progress in investments compared to other provinces, President Çoban has proven himself with his exemplary works, not with the thermals and hotels of Afyonkarahisar, but emphasizing that the university students came to the state they visited.

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