Kabataş Seagull Construction Works Viewed From Air

rough marti project
rough marti project

Kabataş Seagull construction work viewed from the air:Kabataş Renovation project of piers with Square Arrangement and Transfer CenterKabataş Seagull ”works were viewed from the air. The project, which will take 2 years to complete and will look like a seagull when it is completed, continues with full speed.

To be built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to integrate sea, rail and road transportation in Istanbul Kabataş square arrangement viewed from the air. The works that will ensure the continuous pedestrian flow along the beach by taking the traffic underground will continue for two years. Tramways and funicular systems continue to work so that passengers are not victimized during the works.

The pier, which will be built in the form of a seagull, covers more than 100 thousand square meters with green areas. The planned pier area is only one thousand 300 square meters and its height will be 9,5 meters. It will be 340 meters from Dolmabahçe Mosque and 190 meters from Fındıklı Molla Çelebi Mosque. One of the remarkable points in the construction works is that no concrete will be used. Scaffolding will be made completely transparent.

1,5 million people will benefit

Below and in the transition areas on the ground floor, buffet, patisserie, newspaper, tea, coffee units will meet the needs of passengers, such as sales will take place. These units will also be built to ensure that the space and space live. The upper square will be a multifaceted activity area with a large green area, cycling and walking trails. At the same time, citizens will be able to meet the sea without getting caught in vehicles. 1.5 million people in the first stage of the project is expected to benefit from the project.

During the construction process, Kadıköy-Kabataş, Kabataş-Islands and frequented Bosphorus line flights will be made from Beşiktaş and Eminönü piers.

Stating that not enough warnings were made, a citizen named Ali Önder said, “I met for the first time today. Normally I was passing by motor, now I went to Eminönü by tram, from there too KadıköyI switched to. "

The shopkeeper Behram Baba Muratoğul, who said that his work had fallen due to the works, said, “The pier was closed, there were flights to Üsküdar and they were removed. There are flights that have not yet been released, thanks to them there is a bit more work. But things were affected, "he said.

On the other hand, Kabataş Seagull project works were viewed from the air. In the aerial images, it is seen that the works are continuing intensely.

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