Istanbul New Airport Runway Final State

3. Airport
3. Airport

Final version of the Istanbul New Airport runway: The video shared from the Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) social media account shared the final version of the runway-1, which is under construction at the new airport. The response to the twite THY, which was also offered to Turkish Airlines, was not delayed.

The runway works of the new airport, which is under construction in Istanbul, continue.
In the video shared from the social media account of Istanbul Grand Airport, brief information about the runway was given.
The runway of the new airport, which is planned to be opened in the first quarter of 2018, will be 1 thousand 3 meters in length and 750 meters in width. On the other hand, Turkish Airlines responded to the post shared interactively with Turkish Airlines.

İGA's “Runway 1 works at Istanbul New Airport continue at full speed. We are waiting for you :) THY's response to the post @TK_TR "is looking forward to landing in our new home as soon as the Istanbul New Airport is over! @igairport ”.

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