Important Changes in Container Weighing Directive

Significant Changes to Container Weighing Directive: Significant changes have been made to the Directive on the Determination and Notification of Gross Weights of Containers Contained by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport, published on 1 June 2016.
1 Since July 2016, the amendments to the directive, which are in force since the date of 2, have been recognized by the provisions on the scales and the method-XNUMX right to be applied in the weighing to the companies with an approved person status. With these changes, including the recommendations made by UTIKAD on the directive before and after the publication of the directive, the process of container weighing has become easier.
Directives on the detection and notification of weights were weighed by weighing all the full containers to be loaded on the ships published by 1 on June 2016 by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, General Directorate of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport Regulation (TMKTDGM). The new directive issued by XCTBM on 9 September 2016 included suggestions from the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTIKAD.
General Director of UTİKAD Cavit Uğur stated that they draw attention to the issues related to the scales to be used especially in weighing before and after the implementation of the application; Belirtilen In accordance with the directive published by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the scales to be used for container weighing have to meet the legal requirements of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology's Bakanlığı Weighing Instruments Inspection Regulation ım and have a inspection card issued by the Ministry in this direction. also had to be made calibration. In this direction, we anticipated that the number of weighing instruments that meet the calibration requirement since the publication of the legislation as UTIKAD may not be enough at the beginning and that the calibration requirement that should be done once a month in 6 may not be met by the whole scale companies. In this case, the exporters and the logistics staff had to check whether the scale, which they would use, had the certificate of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and the valid inspection certificate, as well as the 6 month valid calibration certificate. We see that this article in the directive has been changed according to our predictions. With the new regulations, the weighing scales will not require calibration. However, the weighing of containers weighed by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, every two years instead of the periodic inspection of every year was brought to the inspection, which is a positive step towards reducing the scale of error due to increased calibration of the scale over time, '' he said.
This application will affect many exporters in a positive way Cavit Uğur, "Exporters in their own facilities in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry established, run and periodic inspection of the scales by making weighing their DBA Certificate will be able to edit," he said.
“Another important change regarding the scales to be used is the information about the weighing devices of the weighing operators they receive service from, the exporters, organizers and representatives of the weighing operators they serve, and the gross containers added to the directorates of the port that provide the weighing service to the port departments to which they are attached. Uğur said that the relevant public units will notify this information to TMKTDGM and that the administration will list all these scale operators. He stated that he would publish it at. Thus, a list of the scales used will be opened to the information of the installers who need it.
In addition to this important change, under the new regulations and most of the comments published in the first section underlining that the clear section of the Undersecretary UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, ı Verified Gross Weight Certificate, many of the point is clear and easy to implement. First of all, the responsibility of the signature contained in the DBA Certificate is fully attributed to the installer. This eliminates possible confusion and unnecessary control steps. Besides, the process related to the flow of work and documentation after reaching the ports of the containers to be loaded is simplified. Furthermore, a modern approach has been introduced with the addition of relevant documents to 3 which can be archived electronically throughout the year. Ayrıca Cavit Uğur stated that the workflows should be simple in the meetings prepared during the preparation of the Directive on the Determination and Notification of Gross Weights of Sea Containers. was put in; these changes will have positive results for all stakeholders bu.
UTIKAD General Manager Uğur pointed out that the additional costs incurred during the transmission of the DBA information and document to the relevant port and ship agencies, which are frequently brought to the agenda after the publication of the directive, decreased with the new directive. It can not be said, also important for exporters. After the implementation of the implementation of the problems shared by our members at the beginning of the DBA notification conveyed to the carrier by the carrier in return for the desired additional fees were coming. Exporters also have difficulty understanding this price. This is also prevented by the new regulation, Yeni he said.
Cavit Uğur also mentioned the change in Method-2 used in container weighing application. A new arrangement has been made in this regard. 'Approved person status' has been added to the article which contains the Statutory Statutory Statutory Status. Uğur said that this change would enable more exporters and installers to use this method.
Uğur, who prepared the directive and made the necessary changes taking into account the opinions from the sector, stated that the container weighing process had been carried out more quickly and efficiently. Uğur thanked the general manager and managers for the close cooperation they carried out with the sector.



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