Hüseyin Keskin: 3rd Airport Will Be Passenger Friendly

magic door opening to istanbul istanbul airport
magic door opening to istanbul istanbul airport

Istanbul New Airport started to open its doors to airlines within the framework of preparations.
Istanbul New Airport, which will have the title of the world's largest airport built from scratch when it is put into service, started to open its doors to airlines within the framework of preparations. In other words, promotions are made and demands are collected for companies that will use the new airport.

Hüseyin Keskin, CEO of İGA Airport Operations, who is working hard to put the airport into service in 2018, made a statement to Habertürk for the first time and said that the new airport will be passenger-friendly and offer a unique experience to everyone who receives service.
I talked to Keskin, who was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer a while ago, about the latest situation of the new airport, the equipment, technology and operating methods of the terminals that will appeal to the passengers and airlines. Sohbetim a more detailed way in our Sunday Haberturk TV, you can watch one of Turkey's aviation and tourism program at 12.10:XNUMX hours at the airport. Now I leave the floor to Keskin:


The new airport will be 42 km length luggage automation system. Passengers can take their luggage from the luggage conveyor 9 minutes after berthing the airplane bellows. Thus, there will be no problem of luggage waiting at the terminal for a long time. There will also be surprises for passengers to pass through passport control and safety points quickly. For this type of convenience, robots, artificial intelligence, face recognition or other personal information can be processed with machines, check-in or baggage delivery points will be used in the latest technology. Our terminals are designed to allow passengers to board or leave the aircraft in a very short time.


Our terminals will offer the best opportunities if airlines want to serve their passengers in various categories. Thus, we will make a serious contribution to the competition that airlines will make in providing the best service. For example, Turkish Airlines will have private passenger lounges at various points of the terminal, as well as a "arrival lounge" on the arrival floor.


We will introduce Istanbul to a modern, unobstructed and green airport that is sensitive to the environment, capable of producing its own energy, with high recycling capability.

We have simplified passenger flows with passenger routes and facilitated walking distances. To maximize passenger comfort and experience, we will offer more space, more options and comfort for passengers by allocating 1.450 per square meter of retail and food and beverage areas per year.

All commercial enterprises that will be located at the New Airport will have a green enterprise certificate (LEED). In this way, the airport will be the world's first green airport. The new Airport will be constructed as an environmentally friendly, unobstructed and green airport that produces its own energy.


At the New Airport, we are building the world's largest duty free area 400 thousand square meters which will bring together more than 53 brands from various sectors under a single roof for the first time. Duty free area 25 yearbook percent 60 German Gebr. Heineken's Unifree Duty Free will operate. The 50 bin, food and beverage areas will be more than a thousand square meters.


At the new airport, there will be an integrated station at the terminal and we will provide connection to the high-speed train. In addition, the airport's D-20 new highway connection will be connected to Istanbul with Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project, and a connection to the Anatolian Side with the Three-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project.


When the airport is in service, 100 will be a new center of attraction with a thousand employees. For this reason, located in front of the terminal and extending to the southern border of the airport in a wide area 'Airport City office buildings, hotels, mosques, conference and exhibition center, medical center will take place.


1 million 390 thousand square meters area at the airport, the annual cargo area of ​​5.5 million tons, the 42 cargo plane will find the parking space. In addition, the operation will be implemented to accelerate and facilitate the operations of the cargos carried under the aircraft. In addition, the airport will be allocated an area of ​​700 thousand square meters for Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Facilities.


Square meters will be prepared on the basis of the latest Public Private Partnership (PPP) fee tariff published by the State Airports Authority (DHMI). The said tariff will become official after the approval of DHMI. However, companies that wish to start their activities by completing their preparations until the airport is opened, must submit their requests to 18 November 2016.


The plaza, which will be located in the area between the passenger transportation unit and the terminal building, will be a general circulation zone for the passengers and the visitors of the airport. In this area, there will be shops, eating and drinking options and access to all means of transportation. Our 18 bin car park equipped with intelligent systems will be the largest in Europe.

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