Mayor Altepe, Remains of Traffic in Bursa Public Transport

Mayor Altepe, Remedies for Traffic in Bursa Public Transport: Speaking at the ordinary parliamentary meeting in October, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe said that traffic distress could be prevented in Bursa with the use of public transportation vehicles. In his speech, the municipality of bread production, sea bus and restaurant operating company also touched on Altepe, such investments in the sector that they provide balance, the citizen's cheating stressed that they prevented.
Metropolitan Municipality's ordinary parliamentary meeting was held in October. At the meeting, which was held in the new town hall on the road to Ankara and led by the Mayor Recep Altepe, the traffic jam in Bursa, the spaces run by the municipalities and the agenda of the regular assembly were discussed.
Mayor Recep Altepe, in the beginning of his speech in Bursa, the heavy traffic problem, which is the subject of complaints. Today, the transport rate is higher than public transport with private vehicles and the traffic is locked as a result of the choice of personal vehicles to express President Altepe, especially with the use of the rail system, the traffic distress can be prevented, he said. Today, a subway car is equivalent to the 800 small car, but instead of using one-person private vehicles, indicating that the President Altepe, fakat The man lives in the west of the city, but comes with a special tool to the city center. Then they are looking for a space to park on the street. Naturally, the streets and streets are experiencing a deadlock. Citizen should prefer public transport. We make all the necessary investments. We are putting extra wagons, we are planning to return to the 10 every minute for short distances after the metro. There are rules of living in the city. We need to comply with the flour, Biz he said.
President Altepe, in his speech also mentioned the operation of municipalities. President Altepe said that the public institutions made such investments in order to prevent the public grievances due to the needs arising. “BUDO was put into service after the intensive complaints of the citizens due to the high and irregular price policy of IDO. The restaurants, which are operated by BURFAŞ, also constitute a security point for the citizens. Our people get quality service from these places cheaply. Family meetings are held in BURFAŞ restaurants where no one is bothered by anyone. The bread factory was founded in 1970 years. If this is not possible, is it possible to get quality labor to 1 TL at this time? All of this was done in proportion to the needs born for the interests of the citizen Tüm.

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