President Turel small minibuses to carry passengers to Antalya does not suit

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Carrying passengers with small minibuses, President Türel does not suit Antalya: “Transportation is provided by large buses, trams and metro in the city centers all over the world. Carrying passengers with small vans does not suit a city like Antalya. We have to eliminate this tribal city image ”
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel stated that it is planned to provide public transportation services with 12-meter uniform buses instead of minibuses and midibuses in the city center of Antalya, “Transportation is provided by big buses, trams and metro in city centers all over the world. Carrying passengers with small vans does not suit a city like Antalya. We have to eliminate this tribal city image. ” said.
The first session of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Assembly October Meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel.
Türel, at the meeting where 99 items were discussed, gave information about the new plan on public transportation, and said that one of the most complained issues in Antalya was public transportation, both in public surveys and in the complaints received through the social media in public.
Citizens are not satisfied with the trades of the trades, so they are working on this field describing the Türel, the first step for the solution of the problem with the smart card system, the second step is to switch to a single type of vehicle, he said.
As a result of the interviews with tradesmen, it was decided to fulfill the public transportation service with one type of 12 meter vehicles. Türel stated that:
“As a result of the offers from tradesmen, we decided to turn 7-meter minibuses into 12-meter buses. The compressed bearing capacity of the 12-meter vehicle is around 120 people. For this reason, 60-meter vehicles were preferred instead of 9-meter vehicles, where a maximum of 12 people could be transported. If all tradesmen accept the bus transformation, we will have around 505 vehicles in Antalya for public transportation. With the transition to 12-meter vehicles, nearly 300 vehicles will decrease in public transportation. In addition, if the vehicles are uniform, a pool will be created and an equal share will be obtained from this pool. Equal distribution, but even distribution with rotation. Currently, the biggest debate is on buses going to busy lines and minibuses going to non-busy lines. In addition, there is a race, 'Let me pass the vehicle ahead, I will get two passengers more' especially in the city. With rotation, everybody is on a single type of vehicle to go to each line The passenger who has the least number of passengers and even the most passengers will get the share of the income from public transportation. ”
Currently about a thousand people benefit from public transportation, indicating that the current Türel, the public transportation of the number of 350 thousand per day before, then stressed that the 500 thousand can rise up.

  • Continue to the minibus in the countryside

President Türel also stated that the minibuses with a capacity of 14 will continue to serve in the low-capacity routes, which have been transformed from villages to neighborhoods.
Stating that carrying passengers with small minibuses in the center of Antalya does not suit a city like Antalya, Turel said, “We have to eliminate the image of this tribe city, we will use the minibuses only for the transportation of rural passengers. We will not include the rural vehicles in the common income pool. ” he spoke.
AU plates will be used as a restricted plate to be given, which will be taken from the fixed plate fee 50 thousand pounds Türel, said the installment of this money on the agenda, he said.

  • The new parliament will be voted with fingerprints.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel stated that the members of the council will vote with their fingerprints as in the parliament hall in the new municipal service building, and that the fingerprints of the councilors will be taken before the next council meeting.
The second session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was decided to be held on Friday, October 14.

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