Governor Toprak, Yama Mountain Found During Investigations

Governor Toprak, Yama Mountain Found in Investigations: Malatya Governor Mustafa Toprak, Hekimhan district Yama Mountain in the construction of the ongoing ski resort found.

With the accompanying delegation, the Governor Toprak went to Hekimhan Yama Mountain Ski Center, where the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Mustafa Sadi received information about the construction of the plant from Fındıklı.

Toprak, who visited the facility, told reporters that the facility was ideal for Yama Mountain, but the transportation was not planned.

Stating that the region is suitable for the ski resort, Governor Toprak, said:

Olabilir The snow can be very beautiful. But the people who are going to get here are not planned. We have reached the 2 hour in a day, which is now direct and on a fall day, without any problems. It is not possible to reach the winter season, type and ice conditions in the snow season. 14 kilometers of the road we arrived will be carried out by our metropolitan municipality until the crossroads of Karslılar Village. But it is not possible to get out of Karslılar Village from the road to the ski resort. The proof of this is that the above mentioned military radar is transported to the road of the village of Karslılar in winter conditions by means of snow-covered vehicles and transporting the related materials or people with the same vehicles. Therefore, it is not possible for skiers to come in this way. Dolayısıyla

Malatya met with the Metropolitan Municipality of the people who talk about the soil, Karslılar District will develop standards, he said.

Governor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other mechanical systems for the installation of lifts 5 million pounds reminding the Governor of the Earth, mekanik 5 million can establish mechanical systems. There's no problem here. However, mechanical systems, even if the people to reach here, run, ski systems can not walk. Then the grassroots road 5 million by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, mechanical systems before the mechanical systems to reach the people to reach the infrastructure of the road, then mechanical systems to establish a more logical and reasonable comes. "He said.

Governor of Malatya Toprak, said there were shortcomings in the plant, said:

Değil Water tank, fuel tank, electrical transformer is made side by side and if any fault occurs, it is not possible to enter or intervene. Electrical transformer and board outside. In winter, the building is covered with 7-8 meters. The transformer stays under the abdomen. These need to be arranged urgently. Not only as a ski resort, but also in summer, we need to have a substructure to serve the highland tourism. Otherwise, this building, this money will be wasted. Yoksa