Giresun Castle

Giresun Castle Cable Car: Giresun Governorship, Eastern Black Sea Project Regional Development Administration (DOKAP), Economic Research Foundation and Giresun Commodity Exchange under the leadership of 'Republic of 100. A seminar on Aray The Search for Economic Vision in Giresun Province Yıl was held.

The seminar was chaired by GRU Rector. Dr. While Cevdet Coşkun, DOKAP President Ekrem Yüce, Dr. Mehmet Yurdal Şahin, Temel Yanıkoğlu and Baybora Altuntaş made speeches. ”Economic growth and development emerges as the main objective of all countries ın, started the opening speech of the seminar by DOKAP President Ekrem Yüce said ına The basic principle to reach this goal is to use the existing resources and opportunities of the country in the most rational and efficient way“.

Only Yeşilyol Yetmez
Referring to the importance of the Green Road, Yüce continued her speech as follows: an A cash transfer of 24 million pounds was made in the road improvements made from Çakrak near Giresun-Gümüşhane provincial border only in Giresun province Yeşilyol Project investments in Giresun province. 24 million pounds at the end of the year 2016 150 kilometer road construction will be completed. To date, the 131 mileage is completed. On the island of Giresun 6 million pounds transferred to the Special Provincial Administration. We want to perform three variants there. One of them is creating the botanical medical aromatic center of the island and calculating the gene source. Secondly, the shipment areas and berth operations in the ships are continuing and the third component is to build a ropeway to the Giresun Fortress from Gemilercekeği. E

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